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Anthony C. Gagliano, III, Esquire, P.C.

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Anthony C. Gagliano, III has been helping injury victims in various personal injury matters including car accidents, workplace accidents (workers’ compensation claims), slip and fall accidents and dog bite incidents for the past 15 years. After spending

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Anthony Gagliano has been helping personal injury clients in Philadelphia and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Free case evaluation: (267) 861-7100.

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30 South 17th Street Suite 810, Philadelphia, PA 19103
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  • Car Accident Lawyer
  • Personal Injury Lawyers
  • Slip And Fall Accident Lawyers
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Mika Brauser
Review source: Google Mika Brauser Tuesday, March 21st 2023
Working with Anthony was super easy and beyond helpful! Together him and his fantastic team of assistants worked both efficient and effectively to bring settlement to my case! I highly recommend for a fair, honest and trustworthy partner in law.
Gregory Peterson
Review source: Google Gregory Peterson Tuesday, March 14th 2023
I was involved in a rear-end collision during the period of time I was working in the Philadelphia area while maintaining permanent residence in another state. I planned to negotiate directly with the responsible party’s insurance company, but changed my mind after my family lawyer indicated I would be at a disadvantage due to differing laws in Pennsylvania (PA) versus my home state. My on-line research then led me to contact two PA firms as candidates to represent me: Philadelphia Injury Lawyer Anthony C. Gagliano, III and “America's largest Injury Law Firm”. I spoke with a paralegal from both firms and received a same-day personal call back from Anthony, versus being told from the other firm that I possibly would hear back from them within a week “due to their attorneys being very busy.” Needless to say, I choose Anthony to represent me and the results were a mirror of the other great reviews he has received. Anthony investigated all the options I had, communicated concisely, and we ultimately settled for the maximum available from the several insurance companies involved. Thanks Anthony!
Dawud Bird
Review source: Google Dawud Bird Saturday, March 11th 2023
Anthony Gagliano and his TEAM are perfect! Soon as I called his office they took immediate actions to help me get through my case.They are quickly to respond to all messages or calls. Him and his paralegal fought for me 100% and got me a settlement. Thank You To Anthony C. Gagliano & His Team!!
Annabeth D (anna4lyfe)
Review source: Google Annabeth D (anna4lyfe) Monday, February 27th 2023
I can't thank Anthony enough for his exceptional work in settling my case. He was professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to achieving the best outcome for me. Throughout the process, he kept me informed and answered all my questions. I felt confident and supported knowing that Anthony was on my side. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal representation. Thank you, Anthony!
Naomi Dillon
Review source: Google Naomi Dillon Monday, February 27th 2023
Anthony was absolutely exceptional through the entire process, I would most definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a competent
and knowledgable lawyer.
Vivian Lloyd
Review source: Google Vivian Lloyd Thursday, February 16th 2023
One of the best lawyers I have had fast and efficient thank you for your service
Troy Hissner
Review source: Google Troy Hissner Tuesday, February 14th 2023
Anthony and his team are the best accident lawyers hands down. Anthony had done everything he said he would do and some. Best lawyer in Philadelphia. Would strongly recommend him to anybody. My deepest appreciation to you Anthony. Your the best
Sam Wheadon
Review source: Google Sam Wheadon Wednesday, February 8th 2023
Sam Wheadon opted not to leave a text review of Anthony C. Gagliano, III, Esquire, P.C.
Rose Coleman
Review source: Google Rose Coleman Wednesday, February 8th 2023
If you've ever been a victim of a severe rear end collision, then you can relate to my story. It should also be known that throughout my 40+ years of driving, I have NEVER been involved in a car accident...Ever! On a beautiful sunny fall day, I was sitting at a red light when a distracted driver slammed into me from the rear sending me into oncoming traffic. I was completely shaken, in shock and in pain. My car was completely totaled. The person that hit me, although admitted guilt on site, when it came down to paying the 1st bill: the reimbursement for the car rental, they changed course and plead not guilty.This caused their insurance company to refuse to pay the bills as well. At this point, I was already out of pocket in excess of $21k and the amount was only expected to rise. I still find it hard to understand how I went from minding my own business to now having all of this anguish and expense due to someone else's carelessness!! I was suffering and all the while the person at fault was going about their normal lives with zero accountability. After much prayer and the concern of family and friends telling me that I needed to fight, I contacted Mr Anthony Gagliano's office. At this point, I was physically, mentally and spiritually drained. My sole objective: Pursue payment for all medical bills returned to my insurance company and the reimbursement of all personal funds that I had to pay out of pocket. No more, No less. This was conveyed and understood. Mr Gagliano's staff's 1st statement to me was: " Let's first concentrate on you, then worry about everything else later. We just want to get you the medical attention you need to heal." They immediately arranged my doctors appts, lab tests, XRays, MRI's etc and eventually when I was diagnosed with 5 bulging discs in my neck and lower back: intensive therapy. Mr Gagliano cares about the 'whole' person. He will put your interest first. He listens and will personally guide you through the process until completion. If you're Injured...In pain...Confused...Don't know where to start? . Just start with one phone call: Call Anthony Gagliano III, ESQ. You will not regret it.
Ebenezer Durosomo
Review source: Google Ebenezer Durosomo Saturday, February 4th 2023
Anthony Gagliano is an excellent attorney who really goes above and beyond for his client. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs sound injury legal advice. Also shoutout to Jessica and the entire team for their help throughout of my case. I really appreciate you all.
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More About Anthony C. Gagliano, III, Esquire, P.C.

Anthony Gagliano is an injury victim attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been working with injury victims for the past 15 years and has spent his entire career helping them get back on their feet. His practice focuses solely on personal injury cases to help those who have suffered due to someone else's negligence or wrongdoing. Anthony founded his own law firm in Center City Philadelphia where he continues to advocate for people with integrity.