How A Trust Badge Works


A trust badge or seal is used on any of your marketing including your website, print advertisements, business cards or emails.
A trust badge is a powerful tool to boost sales and trust in your brand and website.


Let visitors know your business and website can be trusted.


Visitors online want to know your website is secure from hackers.


Show your users that their privacy online is just as important to you as it is them.


Get verified by State Bar Attorneys to show your business is real, not fly by night.

Increase Sales

On average, trust seals can increase sales by 24%! Don't let that revenue go!

No Spam

Give your customers peace of mind that you will protect their personal information.

Badge Pricing

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Verified Business

With almost a billion websites online, it is hard for users to know who to trust. Media and news outlets report on fake stories, fly-by-night business and new Internet scams daily, having your business verified lets users know you are one of the good guys.


It is important to convey your commitment to maintaining high security standards. High profile data breaches have put a spotlight on the importacet of online security, and users turn away from sites they do not know are secure.


We all receive way too much junk mail. Let your users know their privacy is respected and you will not sell their information to anyone without their consent.

Increase Trust

The State Bar Attorneys Trust Seal addresses your user's fears by letting them know that your business is legitimate, your site is secure, and that their private information is in good hands. This increase in trust will help your business sell more products, earn more links, and gain more followers.

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What Experts Say About Trust

Don't take our word for it. See what industry experts have to say on the merits of trust badges and seals.

quote_symbol A new report indicates that an online seal of approval helped one business increase revenue by 75% Kristina Knight BIZREPORT
quote_symbol Google is now putting a high emphasis on sites that are considered to have a high level of expertise, authoritativeness or trustworthiness. Jennifer Slegg THE SEM POST
quote_symbol Building trust online may just be your top priority. Eric Enge SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
quote_symbol Building trust is like adding an extra percentage on top of every activity web marketers engage in. Rand Fishkin MOZ.COM FOUNDER

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

  • What is a Trust Badge or Seal?

    A Trust Seal is an image you place on your site that lets customers, visitors, other site owners, search marketers or engineers know that they can trust your site.

  • Does my website need a Trust Badge?

    Every site can benefit from a Trust Seal. By allowing anyone to publish anything, the internet has revolutionized communication, but unfortunately this also has left visitors uncertain as to who they can trust. A Trust Seal lets your visitors know they are dealing with a legitimate, verified business.

    Search engines like Google continue to highlight the importance of trust with their guidelines and building trust is quickly becoming an integral part of online marketing.

  • How soon will I get my Trust Seal?

    Trust Seals are made available immediately upon purchase and you are free to add the Trust Seal to your site and start enjoying the benefits. However, until the verification process is complete users will not be able to see your expanded business information when they click on the seal.

  • How do I install the Trust Badge?

    Installation is as simple as adding small script to your page. The code you receive upon submission will never need to be replaced, and the Trust Seal is automatically updated when the verification process is complete. Complete instructions can be found here.

  • What is involved in the verification process?

    We have worked to make the verification process as hands-off as possible for customers. While much of the process can be completed behind the scenes by our support team, customers will be required to enter a short code they receive in the mail into their customer account. Our team is always happy to work with customers should they run into any difficulties during the process.

  • How will I know my Trust Badge is working?

    Once installed, you should be able to see the badge to ensure the core functionality is working. We also encourage our customers to perform A/B tests using the Trust Seal to see just how beneficial the product is for them.

  • I use WordPress, will my Trust Seal work?

    Absolutely, but you may need to follow these additional instructions to embed our script correctly: View instructions

  • Are different colors/sizes available?

    Yes! Seals come in different sizes and colors to best fit your website. Login to your account here to customize your theme.

Let's Build Trust, Together.


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