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Criminal defense attorneys in New York with a track record second to none; we provide criminal defense representation to those charged with serious state and federal crimes.

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11 E 44th St #501, New York, NY 10017
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Criminal defense
Domestic violence
Campus discipline defense

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Warren Taylor
Review source: Google Warren Taylor Friday, September 9th 2022
DO NOT RETAIN JEFFREY LICHTMAN; not only did Jeffrey LICHTMAN office allow a DEFAULT-JUDGEMENT against me… HE IS KEEPING MY MONEY ! I retained Jeffrey LICHTMAN office for 33k (see attached pics). When I called to get a refund; he’s been giving me a run around. JEFFREY LICHTMAN OFFICE IS STILL HOLDING ON TO SENSITIVE DOCUMENTS OF MINE. I’m really lost, I don’t know what to do! DO NOT RETAIN JEFFREY LICHTMAN; His office manager is in on the scam! Don’t trust them & DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION… JEFFREY LICHTMAN REFUSES TO RETURN MY LEGAL DOCUMENTS & RETAINER MONEY
Re: DO NOT RETAIN JEFFREY LIC ... Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman replied on Saturday, November 19th 2022

Client convicted of assaulting a sex worker while pretending to be a cop, threatening her with arrest if she did not comply, hired my associate Jason Goldman years ago for a possible motion to vacate his conviction which he claimed was the result of an incompetent trial attorney. When no legal cause could be found to make such a motion after extensive research was completed, client asked for refund -- which he received, minus the work done on his case. In total he received 68% of his retainer back; our office kept about $7800 total for the time spent. He claimed to have hired a civil lawyer to defend him against a lawsuit from his sex assault victim in the criminal case. Apparently a default judgment was entered against him in the civil case, although at no point were we involved in this matter as our retainer agreement made clear. I personally never spoke to him once during the 2.5 years Jason represented him. Eventually, we had to block his calls due to his abuse of my female assistant who had the misfortune of answering his many calls. Not every case works out perfectly, but clients can contact our office and speak to the lawyers working on their case seven days a week. We’ll do all that we can to make it right as we tried in this case.

Jason Statham
Review source: Google Jason Statham Thursday, August 18th 2022
Best attorney hands down. Best legal advice. Don't hesitate to call
Terry Hendricks
Review source: Google Terry Hendricks Sunday, June 19th 2022
Please Free KAY FLOCK!
Jason Friedman
Review source: Google Jason Friedman Thursday, September 30th 2021
Jason Friedman opted not to leave a text review of Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman
Ragini Singh
Review source: Google Ragini Singh Wednesday, June 16th 2021
Top Attorney in NYC , Knowledge of law , Passion for the work .
Dhananjay Singh
Review source: Google Dhananjay Singh Wednesday, June 16th 2021
Such a brilliant attorney . Dedicated , professional and passionate .
ragini Singh
Review source: Google ragini Singh Monday, June 14th 2021
Best attorney , always give you the best suggestions in your case , responsive .
Bobby R
Review source: Google Bobby R Saturday, June 12th 2021
Greedy, pompous, and incompetent. Avoid.
Re: Greedy, pompous, and inco ... Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman replied on Saturday, June 12th 2021

Abortion doctor charged with manslaughter facing 5-15 years in prison if convicted got a hung jury after a month-long trial despite attempts, according to the prosecutor, of tampering with the jury during the deliberations by offering a juror in the courthouse security line information which was not part of the trial record. Each juror was required to be interviewed by the judge at that point to determine if they were impacted by this incident. The prosecutor then unsuccessfully sought the immediate detention of the doctor. Nevertheless, the jury did not instantly convict after this allegation of jury tampering but continued to deliberate and eventually could not reach a verdict. After the hung jury, the jury was ordered to continue to deliberate. During the second round of jury deliberations, the doctor was given a plea offer of 1 1/3 to 4 years. The doctor accepted the plea offer but seconds later the jury indicated it had a verdict and the judge came out to read it. This caused the prosecutor to unsuccessfully attempt to withdraw the very low plea offer. The plea offer stood, the defendant accepted it and the prosecutor considered it a loss for the State. Read the links below from press accounts of the case and determine for yourself if this was a successful defense considering all the circumstances. Sometimes even great results are still difficult for a defendant charged with a crime and the only person who they will blame is their lawyer, never themselves.

Amy Marie
Review source: Google Amy Marie Monday, June 7th 2021
I absolutely love hearing you on The Len and Michael show on 710WOR. Your opinions & logic are spot on. I was in a rental apartment where a fire had occurred in the home & the cause was deemed by the fire inspector to have been electrical in nature. My concern was that the house was built in the 1800's with very little updates, the landlord immediately hired a private inspector who reported the cause to be due to a smoldering cigarette butt, as they were all over the room, which obviously would be the case after the pressure coming from the water hose spewed everything around the room. My concern is she may have known that there may be liability on her end & she took this step to try to avoid further action against her. She has properties all over and could be considered a slum lord. It's been about 9 months & the house has not been touched, no repairs done. It technically was an illegal boarding house for the zoning, but she hired a high price attorney & got grand fathered into being allowed to continue to rent per room. My apartment was attached to the house, my portion being the original dwelling. It was my first apartment after leaving my husband & was there under a year. It caused me so much mental anguish & costs I did not need. As I'm getting no alimony, every dollar was needed. Was wondering if there are any actions that could be taken against her.
Review source: Google DADDY'S BABY Sunday, April 4th 2021
Ur X'cellence
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Being charged with a serious crime is terrifying. It's essential that you get expert legal representation immediately - our New York law firm is respected throughout the criminal justice system and has a standout reputation for handling difficult criminal cases. We are tenacious advocates for your rights and we prepare meticulously detailed trial cases. Contact us today if you need help with any kind of criminal defense matter.