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If you have one shot, make it your best! Contact the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Fleener Petersen, LLC for legal representation.

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506 S 8th St, Laramie, WY 82070
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Criminal Defense Attorney, Fleener Petersen Law

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Derik Hepner
Review source: Google Derik Hepner Thursday, September 16th 2021
Devon Petersen did an awesome job with my case. Very helpful and responsive and wanted the best for me! Highly recommend!
Terry Parker
Review source: Google Terry Parker Monday, February 15th 2021
Tom Fleener is the best criminal defense attorney I've had the privilege to represent me. He did a great job, and the outcome was way better than what I expected.
If you are in need of a great criminal defense attorney, whether it be a federal case or a state case, then Tom Fleener is the man to hire. He really is the best criminal defense attorney in Wyoming.
Ty Mills
Review source: Google Ty Mills Saturday, September 12th 2020
Ty Mills opted not to leave a text review of Fleener Petersen Law
Heather Fletcher
Review source: Google Heather Fletcher Sunday, August 30th 2020
Tom did get me a lot of time off my sentence. I am very thankful for!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong he's good ! They are very hard to get a hold of. My dad and mom paid A LOT for his help . His wife Kelcey is very good to talk too! I am now on probation and had tried calling them for months for early release never got a call back. If they were to answer months ago I could of been off probation but they never called. When I was going to Casper to meet my po I called Tom . He was very rude to me told me I was getting revoked and they would give me a different attorney. I tried telling him the situation and he said I don't know why your telling me this im not your lawyer and hung up on me! I never got revoked . I always thought they were your lawyer Intel you were off probation , since they are the ones that write for you to get off for early release . I know they have a lot of cases going on but I think it's important once you pay them an amount that's not gig for them but a lot for people to struggle and take out everything in their savings to pay for them they should treat you with respect and act professional Intel you are completely done with your time and probation . If you need help ask for Kelcey ! In the future I hope you guys still take care of the people that paid for you !
Austin Brister
Review source: Google Austin Brister Wednesday, November 17th 2010
Austin Brister opted not to leave a text review of Fleener Petersen Law
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Tom Fleener is a nationally recognized criminal defense lawyer with one goal - to provide clients the finest Criminal Defense representation possible.