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Native American and First Peoples law is a very complex area. Native American tribes have their own legislature and courts, as well as being bound by the federal and state laws that apply to all American citizens. The interplay between the two legal systems produces unique challenges, but specialist Native Peoples attorneys can help individuals, tribes, and businesses navigate through these challenges successfully. If you need a Native Peoples attorney, we’ve got you covered here at the State Bar Attorneys Directory, powered by Best of the Web. You’ll be able to view hundreds of Native Peoples Law firms, each of which have been screened and verified for your peace of mind. 

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Muscogee Tribal Court Attorney

The law office also provides representation to Muscogee members and others charged in federal court for crimes committed in Indian Country. The Muscogee Nation…


Barnhouse Keegan Solimon and West

Team of attorneys based in Albuquerque, NM, who specialize in Indian law issues, serving native people and tribes across the US. Unclaimed: Claim this business


California Indian Legal Services

Serves California's Indian communities with low cost or no cost legal services on issues related to Indian rights. Unclaimed: Claim this business


First Peoples Law

Vancouver law firm dedicated to defending and advancing Indigenous peoples' Aboriginal title, rights and Treaty rights. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Foulston Siefkin: Native American Law

Providing counsel to individuals as well as public and private entities doing business with Native American tribes and within Indian Country. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Holland Knight: Native American Law

Provides comprehensive legal and public policy services in Indian Country, from the exercise of tribal sovereignty and governance to the development and operation of… Unclaimed: Claim this business


Marrawah Law

Cairns and Brisbane indigenous owned law firm which handles native title, cultural heritage and other indigenous land issues. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Oklahoma Indian Legal Services, Inc

Non-profit legal aid office that provides services to low-income Indians living in Oklahoma. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Pillsbury: Native American Law

Native American practice lawyers advising on issues ranging from tribal governance, Indian gaming, and taxation matters to infrastructure, environmental and dispute resolution. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Procopio: Native American Law

Attorneys representing and counseling Tribal governments, Tribal corporations, Inter-Tribal organizations and Tribal-affiliated clients in a wide range of legal matters. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Ratcliff and Company, LLP: Aboriginal Rights

Attorneys representing First Nations people in the area of aboriginal rights and title. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Rochon Genova, LLP: Indigenous Rights

Toronto attorneys assisting clients with breach of treaty and Indigenous rights, land claims, and historical wrongs against governments, corporate entities, religious entities and other… Unclaimed: Claim this business


San Diego County Native American Lawyers Association

Supports Native American attorneys, judges, law professors and law students, and legal professionals and law students who practice or maintain an interest in Indian… Unclaimed: Claim this business


Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson and Perry, LLP

National law firm dedicated to representing Native American interests both in litigation and lobbying. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Strickland and Strickland, PC

Tuscon, AZ law firm which focuses its practice in the areas of Native American law and Indian tribal representation. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Terri Janke and Company

Indigenous owned legal firm in Rosebery, NSW, with a focus on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). Unclaimed: Claim this business

What Types of Issues Can a Native Peoples Attorney Help With?


Indigenous Peoples attorneys handle a wide variety of issues. Many Native Peoples lawyers work for a particular tribe, or in states where there are many Native American Indian reservations. 


Typically, a Native Peoples lawyer may help an indigenous person find work or access healthcare and education services; they also assist people who want to claim tribal membership or change their tribe designation. A lot of their work is jurisdictional, helping to determine exactly which laws apply to which situations. Many Native American Indian attorneys also work to assist native peoples in setting up businesses, or in assisting non-native people who need to interact with the complex tribal rules governing a reservation. 


Some major Native Peoples law firms specialize in working with tribes who are seeking to protect their land rights and their natural resources, or that need advice on tribal governance matters. The complexities around Indian Gaming law are another major area of work for Indigenous Peoples attorneys, as is environmental litigation. Tribal sovereignty issues and labor and employment matters on tribal lands are also important areas handled by specialist Native Peoples attorneys.


Many Native Peoples attorneys are themselves American Indian or otherwise indigenous, but not all are. However, all First Peoples attorneys are specialists in understanding this unique area of law and are the first port of call for both natives and non-natives when a legal issue concerning Native American law arises. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Native Peoples Lawyer?


Most Indigenous Peoples attorneys charge an hourly rate for their work, but the rate will vary a great deal according to location and the nature and complexity of the case concerned.


If the case in question is in the public interest - a civil rights matter for example - you may be able to find an Indian Law firm that will represent you pro bono, ie free of charge. 


Before hiring a Native Peoples law firm, be sure to check that you understand how much you are likely to need to pay, and when.


Tips for Hiring a Native American Law Attorney

Because this is such a complex area of law, don’t just go for the first Indigenous Peoples law firm you stumble across!

Ideally, choose a Native Peoples lawyer who is from the relevant tribe themselves, or at the very least who has a strong understanding of that tribe’s culture, laws, and practices. If you are a tribal member yourself, seek advice from your community regarding Native Peoples attorneys they have successfully worked with in the past.

Secondly, opt for an Indigenous Peoples law firm that has experience with the type of problem you are facing. If it is a business matter, for example, you may want to choose a Native Peoples business attorney rather than one who has mostly handled healthcare or educational matters.

Our State Bar Attorneys directory lists hundreds of Native Peoples lawyers, and it’s easy to narrow down your search for lawyers in your state or who specialize in your type of case. 

You can also read reviews right here in the directory, to get a feel for which are the most trusted Native Peoples attorneys near you.