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Tori Wilson
Review source: Google Tori Wilson Wednesday, February 9th 2022
Think twice before you even meet with this lady. There are other, more qualified lying attorney's out here that will do a better job. Always ill, right before trial, stuttering and stammaring while in front of the judge. I basically had to fight my own case. She was just a face. Then when asked about my representation right before sentencing, I told the truth. I was very unhappy with her and her communication. The judge didn't like that, so don't do that. Try your best to stay out of trouble. And stay far away from her
Susan Cassady
Review source: Google Susan Cassady Friday, November 19th 2021
She’s amazing at reeling you in, then she’s gone in the wind. I trusted her & believed she could do better than the public defender’s office. After paying her 10k, the prosecution went to see my son informing him she’d sold her house, closed her practice, & moved to out of the country. She lied multiple times (I have that recorded), & now we have a bigger mess to deal with than we started with.
Sarah Ozkan
Review source: Google Sarah Ozkan Wednesday, October 21st 2020
-Scam Artist!!!!!!!!!

I am surprised Marianne Sharp Is a licensed professional attorney, She will take advantage of you in a desperate situation Marianne Sharp will make you think she cares, She will talk about Good ethics to gain your trust but she has none! She took 1000$ in cash from me, She Seemed very rushed and told me to meet her at A local Starbucks So she could take my money and gain her trust.

I thought it was strange she did not offer me to come to her office, but after speaking to her I thought I could trust her.
Very soon after I desperately regretted my decision with hiring Mariaanne Sharp on as my attorney, It is impossible to get a response from her she blatantly ignores you. I wish I would’ve read the reviews before I hired her on as my attorney.

I am filing a complaint along with a couple other clients I have been able to get in touch with that Unfortunately have been taken advantage of by Marianne Sharp also, Not to mention Marianne Sharp Blocked my text messages and deleted her Facebook While still hired as my legal counsel!! She deserves her license taken away
maysa aqel
Review source: Google maysa aqel Wednesday, August 26th 2020
Please do not make the mistake I made and hire her. Please save your money. Marianne Sharp was very unprofessional. She has very bad communication if any. She will not show up to court hearings. She did not even give notice that she’s not going to make it to my court hearing, I had to wait for 30 minutes and send her an email as to why she did not show up to the court hearing, then she replied that she has a medical reason. I have to send her 10 emails for her to even reply. She promises document on a certain day, then sends an email stating “documents are attached”, but no documents are attached and it takes her months to reply to me asking for documents that she had originally promised. And that’s her strategy. That was done more than once. I am currently in the process of filing a complaint against her to the Columbus Bar Association, because I feel I was mistreated, and no client should ever feel this way from their own attorney. I terminated her services half way through, and is currently looking for a different attorney.
Alonzo Robinson
Review source: Google Alonzo Robinson Thursday, April 9th 2020
The best hardworking lawyer in the state of Ohio .. I wouldn't recommend anyone else to fight your case when she is on your side your guarantee the best possible outcome..
Dan Dennis
Review source: Google Dan Dennis Thursday, July 11th 2019
She's amazing!
Review source: Google Brittney Saturday, July 6th 2019
I'm not sure where these bad reviews are coming from. I couldn't have asked for better representation. She was always willing to address any questions and concerns we had. She was more than prepared for each hearing, especially considering how unorganized the court system is in my county. She made sure we understood where things were progressing throughout the entire case. I'm very pleased with my choice in hiring her. I would definitely recommend The Sharp Law Firm.
Falish Dahiye
Review source: Google Falish Dahiye Monday, May 16th 2016
DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. The worst lawyer in Ohio. Arrogant and Could care less about her clients regardless of the fact that you hired her and trust her. She will betray your trust and show no remorse of it. Never is on time for appointments. Never prepared or on schedule. Please don't make the same mistake we did.
Aragsan Ahmed
Review source: Google Aragsan Ahmed Wednesday, April 20th 2016
Horrible lawyer doesn't care about the client or the clients concerns at all. She will give you the impression that she cares and is willing to work on your behalf, but the day your court day comes around you see a completely different person. She will work hard to get you to sign that contract and hire her and then all of the hard work stops right there. Please don't waste your money just to not see the results your hoping for. Horrible.
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