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Top-rated Tampa divorce lawyers at Older, Lundy, Alvarez, Koch & Martino handle family law, mergers & acquisitions, estate planning, probate, tax & more.

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derek laird
Review source: Google derek laird Thursday, December 16th 2021
***SCAM, this law firm is just basically terrible used car salesmen who will sell you their services but charge YOU $700 for "RESEARCHING THE LAW" and other services that weren't ever done. Jaime Girgenti Is terrible along with Mike Lundy who is the most petty and childish man I have ever dealt with. I will change my review if I am provided with my file with explanations of where the heck my retainer went. I have sent back their invoice highlighted with all of the things I was charged for but never obtained and was told by Mike Lundy that he is no longer responding to my emails. Paid $5,500 for Jaime to ignore my calls, resulting in emails that she would then avoid my questions. She refused to see me in person and then missed the 2 phone conferences I missed work for. She only did mediation for me… and filled my exes paperwork for her without my knowledge but I got charged for it. LOOK ELSEWHERE!
Dena Weber
Review source: Google Dena Weber Sunday, December 12th 2021
In 2018 Michael Lundy represented my husband as we were looking for an arrangement to create a post-nuptial agreement. The post-nuptial agreement that Michael Lundy drafted not only broke down the entire process but has cost my husband and I millions of dollars as we continue litigating 2 and a half years since Michael thought his "idea" was a good one and most of that money has been used in legal fees ripping that agreement apart because it made no sense whatsoever.

My recommendation would be to find someone who is really looking to solve matters; not escalate them.
Cynthia Jordan
Review source: Google Cynthia Jordan Saturday, September 18th 2021
I was extremely impressed with Mike Lundy; his professionalism and overall style was fantastic for my case. His courtroom skills were top notch-he was extremely prepared, eloquent, confident and sharp with every detail!
Review source: Google TD S Thursday, July 22nd 2021
This is my life now thank God but it should have never put me in this pre existing-like taking into account 5-10 minutes of my life but affects 24/7 365 as if we're menaces to society which is nag of more lies I hate to say. Is this our country now. Judicial reform officer reforms a long over due changing of the guards for the all who serve and protect. A must see.
Brandon Pierpont
Review source: Google Brandon Pierpont Wednesday, June 23rd 2021
My wife and I are working with Jennifer Meister on a family law matter. The issue involves a parenting plan, and the case was brought on by our son's biological father.

Jennifer is a smart and competent woman. However she is also distracted and has made it clear that we are not her priority, except when it comes to billing us. Jennifer conducted a marketing photoshoot during my wife's zoom mediation, meaning she was distracted and not present for much of the mediation. This mediation was covering our son's parenting agreement with our biological father, and it was the most important thing in the world to us. Clearly it was not that important to Jennifer.

During the mediation, Jennifer actually attempted to tank the mediation and told my wife it's not going to work out very early on, which per my wife was in no way the situation. We believe she did that so that we would have to move to a court case, which would continue to rack up bills. My wife was able to save it and reach an agreed upon parenting agreement thankfully, although a second mediation needed to be scheduled because Jennifer had to leave the first before it could be finalized to watch her child (which I would understand, except for the fact that she was absent for much of it doing a photoshoot, which is beyond ridiculous, and the plan could have been wrapped up in one mediation if she had actually set that time aside in her calendar). The second mediation racked the bills up further.

Since reaching that parenting agreement (which we had paid approximately $10,000 to Jennifer to reach it), we have now been charged another $6k just to recalculate child support. Every two weeks the firm sends us another retainer for $4,500, when at this point it is very minor work left over. It looks like we are going to be charged $10k for them to work through a financial affidavit and calculate child support per normal guidelines. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? They also charge us a minimum of $35 for every email sent, even if it's two sentences, and for a 10 minute phone call expect to pay close to $100.

This is an extremely money hungry firm. If you are not extremely wealthy, steer clear. We are being bled dry by an attorney who very clearly has other priorities, and I am not at all happy about it.
janine montes
Review source: Google janine montes Wednesday, April 7th 2021
This office is very rude and arrogant. Enough said!
Lori Brown
Review source: Google Lori Brown Saturday, April 3rd 2021
Marty Deptula is the man.
Anthony DiStefano
Review source: Google Anthony DiStefano Thursday, March 18th 2021
This firm is trying to suppress bad reviews by threatening to sue me for telling my opinion and the truth. Imagine that?! Unprofessional team and it shows from letter Rick Alvarez sent. Michael Lundy and Frances Martinez are front and center.
cavin cunningham
Review source: Google cavin cunningham Tuesday, March 16th 2021
initially requested Collaborative Agreement which was ignored. They are interested in running up the billable hours without actually giving actionable advice.
Phoebes Galindo
Review source: Google Phoebes Galindo Tuesday, November 17th 2020
I hired Ben Older as my attorney. As my case progressed, Francis Martinez became an important part of my representation as well. I felt one was more focused on the logistics of my case while the other really understood my personal perspective and what I was fighting against. There's is this preconceived notion that all lawyers are the same, ruthless and liars, among other things. I can say with confidence that if you are searching for representation, with their moral compass still in tact, search no further. I never once lied or felt the need to lie to state my case and my attorneys were adamant about keeping it that way. They settled my case for me, on my terms. I'm happy to say that I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Worth every penny.
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