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Attorney Matt Nichols & Benjamin Tucker are considered a few of the top DUI defense lawyers in the State of Maine. They are always continuing their education to learn the latest defense strategies and to help their clients obtain positive results.

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1250 Forest Ave #10, Portland, ME 4103
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Criminal Defense for OUI, DUI and Drunk Driving. Personal Injury services are also available.

  • Criminal Defense Attorney
  • DUI Attorney
  • Personal Injury Attorney
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Brian Mascroft
Review source: Google Brian Mascroft Wednesday, December 8th 2021
Nobody wants to find themselves in a position where there need a defense attorney. I'm grateful that I went with Matt Nichols. Throughout the whole process, he was always available to answer questions and provide clarification. It's heartening to see that, even after years of experience, he can see the person and not just the client. Overall, the experience seemed very organized, structured, and seamless. In the end, we got the best results possible. Nobody could have done better, and I believe very few could have done as well for me as he did. Thank you, Matt!
Josef rettman
Review source: Google Josef rettman Thursday, February 25th 2021
Matt was amazing from day 1 right through the trial ... told me exactly what mattered and what didn't ... focused in on which part of my trial he thought we could win with and he went out and won it ... was completly prepared all the time and was completely prepared in trial and unflappable ... Amazing experience
Allyson-Bethani Stillman
Review source: Google Allyson-Bethani Stillman Monday, January 13th 2020
I've heard this firm referred to as belonging in the NewEnglands Top Elite Lawyers ; more , & more often in various social circles .
They have established themselves
solidly right out of the gate....
Setting the bar
high in expected standards.. for their
peers to be held, regarding their performance.
Andy Martin
Review source: Google Andy Martin Friday, March 15th 2019
Spent a lot of money with minimal results
Re: Spent a lot of money with ... Nichols & Tucker replied on Friday, March 22nd 2019

Mr. Martin was charged one half of my normal fee. He was given a break on the fee due to my long time friendly relationship with his brother. Mr. Martin did not have a good case and, as is sometimes the situation, I was not able to get his OUI charge dismissed despite my best efforts to find a defense for him. There is no such thing as a guaranteed result when anyone hires a criminal defense attorney. I did provide him excellent service in shepherding him through the difficult and often confusing procedural aspects of his case to minimize his loss of license.

Tom LeBlanc
Review source: Google Tom LeBlanc Sunday, September 9th 2018
Got caught with my first oui last summer and Sarah took my case and she did the absolute best and more than I could have asked for. Highly recommend this firm for anybody!!
Kevin Walsh
Review source: Google Kevin Walsh Friday, February 16th 2018
S Murphy
Review source: Google S Murphy Wednesday, January 24th 2018
Matt and Joanne were very helpful in dealing with my first time OUI Charge. My case was complicated by living out of Maine, Matt was able to answer all of my questions thoroughly about Maine and many of the questions I had about my home state. An OUI Charge is very complicated, you need someone knowledgeable on your side and this firm is just that. I will never find myself in this embarrassing situation again, but would not hesitate to contact Matt Nichols if I were.
Re: Matt and Joanne were very ... Nichols & Tucker replied on Thursday, January 25th 2018

Thank you for sharing your kind words. We very much appreciate it. It was a pleasure to work with you and so happy to have helped you.

Cindy Wilkosz
Review source: Google Cindy Wilkosz Tuesday, October 10th 2017
Cindy Wilkosz opted not to leave a text review of Nichols & Tucker
Greg Day
Review source: Google Greg Day Wednesday, February 24th 2016
Matt, Sarah, and Joanne exceeded all of my expectations throughout the entire process of my second OUI charge. Because my case was my second within 10 years and it was a refusal I was facing severe penalties with life altering consequences as well as 2 weeks jail time minimum. Matt's initial 1 hour free consultation went beyond the alotted time as he took extra time to describe each and every aspect of the process. Shortly after hiring the team I began to receive copies of all the paperwork, including requests for video evidence from the arresting police department. The heat was really getting turned up as the police reports and videos came rolling in. My behavior at the police station the day of my arrest was entirely unacceptable as Matt & I watched every painful second of the police station video footage twice from beginning to end looking for any lapse in protocol that would be to my benefit. Matt's knowledge of OUI law became even more evident as we watched the video. Matt did not make any false promises or get ahead of me in terms of leading me to believe one thing or the other regarding an outcome, what he did do was focus on application of the law, and he made sure all of my rights were upheld at every point of the arrest. Sarah, in fact, represented me at the BMV hearing and was able to emerge victorious completely eliminating an 18 month license suspension (Not including Secretary of State suspension of 3 years concurrent to BMV). Joanne notified me immediately of my license being reinstated after being suspended only 9 days. In the interim leading up to my trial Matt made sure to keep me posted on exactly what to do and expect as my date drew closer. He was excellent at getting back to my phone calls and e-mails and typically did within an hour or two unless he was in the courtroom. He also kept me informed of any details that would help me achieve the best possible outcome that tend to get overlooked, including writing letters and arriving to court early on a busy day. I could not have asked for a better outcome as my OUI charge was dismissed due to Matt's knowledge of OUI/refusal law. It is clear that Matt is highly respected in this field but also respected in the courtroom and by law enforcement. My endorsement is simple: Don't drink and drive, ever. It is foolish, stressful, and costly. On the other hand, good people make mistakes. Having Sarah, Matt and Joanne on your side is the only silver lining to a first, or second OUI charge. And, the more complicated and unsavory your case may be, the more I would recommend them.

Greg Day
Case Dismissed
Chris K.
Review source: Google Chris K. Wednesday, July 15th 2015
I retained the services of Nichols and Webb after being arrested on an OUI charge. I cannot imagine anyone, inside or outside of law enforcement and/or the legal profession that has a more thorough understanding of the numerous nuances and subtleties surrounding the legalities (and pitfalls) of the OUI arrest process, prosecution and defense than Attorney Matt Nichols. He is meticulous in his review of the arrest record and scrutinizes every aspect for abnormalities in SOP by Law Enforcement personnel. I would highly recommend Nichols and Webb for anyone finding themselves in the unfortunate position of being charged with this offense... I believe you will find them to be your best alternative for a strong and creative (and hopefully, successful) defense.
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