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Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A.

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4162 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804
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Child Custody and Support
Spousal Support / Alimony
Property Distribution
Domestic Violence and Protective Injunctions
Appeals and Modifications
Prenuptial Agreements
Name Changes
Child Support Establishment and Enforcement
Separation Agreements
Marital Settlement Agreements

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Juan Valeriano
Review source: Google Juan Valeriano Wednesday, August 4th 2021
I work for the US government overseas, from a complicated location to solve personal problems at home in Florida, especially something as complex as divorce. Still, I was fortunate to find Steve Marsee and his team. When I explained my case to him, he listened carefully to my problem and started working diligently on my case. He and his team kept me informed throughout the process and always answered all my questions. His wisdom, experience, professionalism, and attention to detail during the mediation made the result extremely favorable to my cause. I am forever grateful to Steve Marsee and his team.
Re: I work for the US governm ... Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A. replied on Thursday, August 5th 2021

Thank you Juan for giving us the pleasure of helping with this.

David Duque
Review source: Google David Duque Monday, March 8th 2021
Great lawyer and his Paralegal Rebecca was great also. They helped me alot on my paternity case!
Steven combs
Review source: Google Steven combs Sunday, October 11th 2020
Mr. Marsee and his team are extremely knowledgeable and professional. He is a heavyweight in his field. I have had issues with my ex wife for over 6 years and was lucky to have him on my side twice now. My ex has attempted to keep my children from me and ruin me with child support. She even went as far to make false malicious claims against my current wife. Mr. Marsee was there each time with his extensive knowledge of the law and his amazing courtroom style. Both times he was successful. I have no doubt that I will be dragged back to court for some other "trick" my ex comes up with, but I have no fear because I will have Mr. Marsee by my side again.
Re: Mr. Marsee and his team a ... Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A. replied on Monday, October 12th 2020

Thank you Steven. It's been a pleasure helping you as issues like these, are super important to resolve. You can only do so by dealing from a position of strength. Thank you for allowing me to help you and your family.

Faron Smith
Review source: Google Faron Smith Monday, April 6th 2020
First class organization... With Steve's extensive knowledge of the law and the unmatched experience of his team, I would highly recommend them. Steve and Rebecca were both, professional and patient with the noise that accompanies divorce..Steve held firm and basically predicted the final settlement two week in.
denise chiplock
Review source: Google denise chiplock Thursday, March 5th 2020
To whom it may concern ,

Steve Marsee is the absolute best attorney in the state .No one else has the proven track record of this gentleman or has the background like Mr. Marsee does. my girlfriend's ex-husband was abusing the legal system ,harassing her, abusing their child, and continuously filing false injunctions on me . DCF was at my home at least once a week due to false allegations by this man also . It became a weekly event for them to show up. I would be interrogated for about two hours and then have to submit to a drug and alcohol test . This is their standard protocol apparently. I should mention that I am a civil servant in the State of Florida and if just one injunction had gone through as truth I would have lost my career. Mr. Marsee represented me and stopped the ex husband from hurting me any further. Steve Marsee was so thorough, confident, and knowledgeable that my girlfriend recieved full custody of their son, And her ex husband is no longer allowed to harass any of us. Steve Marsee saved my life and the life of a mother and her beautiful son. God Bless Steve Marsee.

Thomas Norush
Review source: Google Thomas Norush Friday, February 21st 2020
Hire this man and his team. Good help is not cheap, and cheap help is no good. I was staring down an easy 6 figure divorce with an ex wife that kept my children from me, wanted to take away my business, and had reported me to DCF for abusing my children and her. She had filed a restraining order, not only could I not see my kids, but I couldn't even get my clothes or money out of our checking accounts.

Steve got us in court and handled it in a most masterful fashion.

DCF, the Orlando police, and first responders showed up at my apartment on Valentine's day to investigate me. I called Steve, on his cell phone, while he was at dinner with his wife and he talked me through it.

When it was all said and done a year later, I have joint custody of my kids. I kept my business. I don't pay any alimony or spousal support.

He got me in front of judges that would listen and actually be fair and impartial. He got me infront of a Mediator that was impartial.

When I was leaving court at the final notice of my divorce, the judge remarked, "your smiling. I don't see many men leave my court room smiling. " And my reply was simple, they didn't have my attorney.

Steve got me my life back. He got my kids back. He helped me keep my business. To this day I am eternally grateful.

Don't be a fool. Hire him and his team. Listen to what he says and do it. It will be one of your best investments.
Chad Waters
Review source: Google Chad Waters Thursday, February 6th 2020
Chad Waters opted not to leave a text review of Steve W. Marsee PA
Souzan Alrihawi
Review source: Google Souzan Alrihawi Sunday, January 26th 2020
Very understandable
Alan Arthurs
Review source: Google Alan Arthurs Friday, November 29th 2019
This guy took over 6 years to handle my divorce. I paid $10k retainer and he couldn't get ANYTHING done and my ex was just a legal secretary. Warned him up front not to underestimate her. He did and seemed to be lost every move she made! Told he was one of the best. Total fraud and i ended up firing him. Should have stayed a cop.
Re: This guy took over 6 year ... Law Offices of Steve W. Marsee, P.A. replied on Wednesday, December 18th 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to respond to this former client's review. I was retained as counsel on June 23, 2010 for the purposes of handling a Dissolution of Marriage in Seminole County Florida. On August 9, 2011, the Guardian Ad Litem (the organization which represents the interests of minor children in family court proceedings) issued a report which expressly recommended that the client be the primary custodian of his minor child, with majority timesharing. As a result, I was able to obtain a written agreement at mediation which provided that the minor child would spend 215 days with the client and 150 days annually with his ex-wife. In sum, the client's goals with respect to custody of the minor child were achieved. In 2016, the client decided to give his ex-wife majority timesharing, against my advice. I subsequently withdrew as counsel. After I was no longer representing the client, he agreed to a parenting plan giving his ex-wife majority timesharing with the minor child, which resulted in a reduction of his days from 215 to 45. Throughout my representation of the former client I effectively performed all obligations to him as his lawyer. However, when the former client decided to not follow the advice of counsel and took actions which were not in his best interests, I had no choice but to discontinue my representation. Therefore, this review is factually inaccurate.

Nicole Brown
Review source: Google Nicole Brown Thursday, October 24th 2019
Steve and Pam are awesome. Prior to court, Steve provided us with similar cases and their outcomes and totally rocked it in court. He comes prepared and ensures you know what the game plan is. Pam... Pam has had to deal with tons of phone calls from me throughout the process and has always been available and keeps me updated. Steve is in court often, so you'll primarily be working with Pam or other Paralegals, and they do an excellent job of keeping you informed. The entire office is great with working out strategy, communicating options and potential outcomes. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Steve Marsee for your legal needs.
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Legal issues surrounding your marriage and family can often be the most stressful type of legal issues. Not only are you facing significant time and money expenses as well as the stress of having to deal with the court when working through these issues, they are centered on the most intimate areas of your life. This is why you need an Orlando divorce attorney who is not only experienced and driven to succeed, but compassionate and sensitive to your needs.