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I graduated from the University of Arizona Law School in 1981. I am a member of the State Bar of Arizona and the Maricopa County Bar Association. I have been practicing law for over 30 years. I am a former prosecutor for Phoenix and Peoria and have been the Attorney of Record in excess of 3000 cases.

I handle all my cases personally and give all my clients the time and attention they deserve in order to handle their case properly.

We have a hands-on approach. I will not hand your case off to an associate. I will handle your case personally. We offer a hands on approach, I will not hand your case off to an associate, I will handle your case personally. Every case is different. Some cases need to go to a trial. In other cases a plea agreement is the best solution. To practice criminal defense as long as I have and be successful, you have to have a reputation for trust and integrity. I believe that I have built up that reputation with Judges and Prosecutors.

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7112 N 55th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301
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Criminal Attorney
DUI Lawyer
Domestic Violence Attorney
Criminal Legal Defense
DUI Legal Defense

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Emilyrose Anderson
Review source: Google Emilyrose Anderson Sunday, November 28th 2021
I hired Gary to defend me and he took my money then bailed he barely communicated with me for over 6 months we had maybe 3 conversations on the phone which I had to consecutively bug him to get that and then he showed up to my trial unprepared and without words for the trail. The countless times he said ummm and didn't even question the other party and the questions he did give to ill witnesses who should have been non existent because of underlying reason he did nothing! He was basically asking for a pay day with minimal effort i would have been better off with a public defender and not wasting my savings I guarantee you will feel the same I would not recommend! Also fins it funny how all the low ratings keep disappearing from his reviews on Google all say the same he takes ur money n runs! Just look out!!!
Michelle Dockins
Review source: Google Michelle Dockins Friday, January 8th 2021
Mr. Rohlwing is a great lawyer... He is determined to get the best for you and does not rush things just to close a case.
Leia Myers
Review source: Google Leia Myers Wednesday, September 23rd 2020
Gary went above and beyond helping me with my set aside during the COVID pandemic. He did great work!
ryan kelly
Review source: Google ryan kelly Tuesday, March 3rd 2020
ryan kelly opted not to leave a text review of Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing
Ernie Aponte
Review source: Google Ernie Aponte Friday, January 24th 2020
When other attorneys would not give us the time of day, Mr Rohlwing was honest about how legally weak our circumstances yielded, and he came through for us anyway, in a timely manner.
The guy is a genius!
Whizdom music
Review source: Google Whizdom music Tuesday, January 14th 2020
Whizdom music opted not to leave a text review of Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing
Bianca-Rae Peralta
Review source: Google Bianca-Rae Peralta Friday, April 26th 2019
Bianca-Rae Peralta opted not to leave a text review of Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing
Steve Horowitz
Review source: Google Steve Horowitz Saturday, October 27th 2018
I've used Gary on numerous occasions and his advice and representation is always spot on.
Gary always puts his clients best interest first you never feel like the clock is running and you're going to be charged for every second you speak with him.
His vast knowledge of law always impresses me no matter what the circumstances have been.
I would highly recommend using Gary as your attorney you won't be disappointed.
felipe majano
Review source: Google felipe majano Friday, June 1st 2018
Gary came through for me in the time that i thought it couldn't be done. He helped me with a case outside of the county he was very professional and helpful.I would recommend him to anyone looking for legal representation. Keep up the great work Gary!
Kim Kirchhofer
Review source: Google Kim Kirchhofer Thursday, May 3rd 2018
UPDATE: 5/2/18 Charges dismissed today in court. Nightmare is over and Gary Rohlings was there thorough it all. Almost had my home seized by park management and Gary took care of that also, even though it was out of his scope of practice. No charge for the extra help. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a Attorney for criminal charges and to get Justice. Good communication and friendly and no BS. Appreciate the honesty.

BEGINNING: This is only the start. Pastor told me get membership with Legal Shied. Waste of my money. Called the following day. Referred me to a attorney in Tempe. Said I would have to fax police report to them before they even send the referral. Waste of time and money. Will cancel that membership. Called Gary and left message and he called me back in 10 minutes. Have a appointment tomorrow free consultation and willing to work with me on a payment plan. So first impression is great. Will keep adding reviews after meeting and see where this goes. Facing Domestic violence charges and disorderly conduct from a woman I said could stay a short time until she got paid on Friday. Found put she had no job and I asked her to leave with her two children. Called the police and said I pushed her and she was my roommate. Taken to jail and also kicked out of my home that I own in a manufactured park. Don't own the land. Lived there 11 years. Home is paid off. Took me to court on the eviction I had no attorney and between the prosecutor, The police, The park management they ate me alive. Had 24 hours to vacate. Police lied in court. Never questioned my witness that was at my home when all this transpired. Objected to every word that came out of my mouth. Now need to sell home ASAP or they will put a lean on it and take ownership. So I am homeless.
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More About Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing

At the Law Offices of Gary L Rohlwing, I have personally handled over 3000 cases and have become a trusted attorney for Glendale, Peoria & Phoenix Residents. I provide legal defense for criminal cases, DUI, domestic violence, juvenile cases, felonies and misdemeanors. I work hard to help my clients stay out of jail and at home with their families so that they keep working. All of my clients receive the personal touch of actually working with me on their case.

Criminal charges can affect your life significantly and will impact your family, current employment, future employment opportunities and your civil rights.

You want an attorney/lawyer that has the knowledge and experience that has built a practice on trust and relationships. I will guide you through this difficult time, give you all your options and advise you as to the best possible scenario from those options. I have been practicing law in excess of 30 years, first as a prosecutor then defending clients. You can read more here on our practice areas.