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About Jason S. English Law, PLLC

Jason S. English Law, PLLC is an experienced Dwi and criminal defense attorney in Austin who will fight for you.

The effects of an arrest and criminal charges can have long-lasting, expensive consequences on a person's life. Learn valuable information from a defense attorney in Austin.

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505 West 12th Street Suite 200 C, Austin, TX 78701
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John Cahill
Review source: Google John Cahill Monday, November 8th 2021
John Cahill opted not to leave a text review of Jason S. English Law, PLLC
Ashley Williamson
Review source: Google Ashley Williamson Sunday, November 7th 2021
Jason English is an excellent lawyer! I was arrested for an assault charge that I did not commit and he got my charge Dismissed!!! Having an assault charge would have negatively impacted my life forever. Since Jason was able to get my charge dismissed, I am now free of the anxiety of having this charge hanging over my head for the rest of my life. I highly recommend Jason English. Jason had me do my homework up front so that I when it came to face the prosecutor, he would everything in hand ready to go. I didn't even have to talk to the prosecutor or the judge, which also gave me HUGE anxiety. Jason was able to talk to them privately and get my case dismissed. Jason has changed my world for the better. He is very understanding and was able to put me at ease through the whole process. I am so glad that Jason English was my lawyer!!! Thank you so much!!
dustin ingalsbe
Review source: Google dustin ingalsbe Friday, September 24th 2021
I was referred to Jason from a coworker. As this being my first time needing a lawyer I had no idea what I needed to do. Jason and his team walked me through the entire process, answered every question until I understood. Due to Jason and his team's skills and plan I got the best results anyone could ask for!
100% recommend Jason and his team, I will not use anyone else beside him and his team for future events!!!!
Lisa de Vries
Review source: Google Lisa de Vries Wednesday, September 22nd 2021
Jason in amazing attorney who literally saved by butt! TC trying to revoke my probation due to the dead battery in vehicle not reading properly to the device. Proof provided on my behalf and his willingness to it give up makes the attorney money can! Not to mention his extensive background. He's s got my back! He is THE best!! Hands down!!!
Review source: Google Rome WOODS Thursday, September 2nd 2021
I highly recommend choosing Jason English as your attorney and legal adviser when it comes to handling court cases. I was faced with a challenging allegation by a former employer that would have caused detrimental consequences towards my present and future endeavors. But after choosing Jason as my lawyer he made me feel at easy about the whole case. Which eventually over time he got my case dismissed and I was able to continue my career and goals with out jeopardizing my future. Choose Jason as the reviews are 5 star so is his expertise.
Bella Ramirez
Review source: Google Bella Ramirez Tuesday, August 17th 2021
Easy, efficient and professional while working with Mr. Jason English. Would definitely come back for the future.
Levi Jamail
Review source: Google Levi Jamail Wednesday, August 11th 2021
Jason was above and beyond an exceptional lawyer. After a series of bad decisions on my part, Jason not only got me the absolute best outcome for my case, but also helped me get to where I needed to be to have a clean criminal record going forward with my life. Would recommend Jason to absolutely anyone dealing with a criminal charge of any sort. 10/10 service.
Tasneem Ahmad
Review source: Google Tasneem Ahmad Monday, August 2nd 2021
Jason represented me in a legal matter and I can't be more grateful to him for not only guiding me through difficult legal matter but also for his professional approach, his knowledge of the legal matters, and his extremely valuable advice and suggestions. In the beginning, I searched many attorneys, but after reading his profile and background experience I decided to call his office. He returned my phone call and was willing to see me right away, I found him to be a very skillful and knowledgeable attorney. He is a very genuine, honest family person, and his legal fees is very reasonable. His proactive legal approach will get you the best possible outcome you can ever imagine. I don't have words to thank him for his legal counsel but one thing I can assure you if you ever need an attorney who knows the legal system in and out and who will fight fiercely to get you the best outcome then call Jason, I promise you will be happy that you called him because in my opinion once you call him you will agree with every word I have written above about him.
Matt F
Review source: Google Matt F Tuesday, June 15th 2021
Jason English delivered results beyond what I thought was even possible. He works incredibly hard and brilliantly to deliver jaw-dropping results.

I hired Jason for a family member who lived in Travis County while we live in another state. I called two law firms and one other private attorney before I contacted Jason. After I explained my needs to his assistant, I got through to him directly and knew he was the best choice I was going to find within a few minutes of the call. His decade-plus experience as a well-known and respected prosecutor before going to private practice is a rare find.

Jason was hired to represent a family member who received their 5th DUI in Travis County during 2021 - while only 6 months out on parole for their 4th DUI. This was not a case of "beat the charges" - our family member blew well over the limit and the body camera was not helpful. He was compliant, but clearly had been drinking. This was a case that needed someone who could negotiate a deal and present the truthful facts about the person behind the case.

He had received a 4 year sentence for his 4th DUI and was facing 9 years for his 5th DUI which had me personally feeling like he would be able to get 5 years, best case, with a really good private criminal defense attorney.

Jason English got him a 4 year sentence for his 5th DUI. Imagine yourself as a prosecutor with a guy who got arrested for his 5th DUI while 6 months out on parole for his 4th. What kind of masterclass argument would convince you to give somebody the same exact sentence for the same exact offense under those conditions? The kind that Jason English can and does deliver. Period. I challenge anyone to name a lawyer that could get something better - or possibly even as good for that case.

On top of that, Jason is extremely professional and kept us all in the loop incredibly well (with our family member's permission - since Jason represented him). He did an amazing job of setting proper expectations about what could and could not happen with the case - and what everybody, from our family member who was facing charges to us, could do to help increase the odds of success. His game plan was well-thought out and he made it very clear to us what we could do. This is an important note however - Jason, like any attorney, can only work with the information you provide them. The better informed your attorney is - the better representation you will receive. Jason did ask things of everybody, but with good reason as the results clearly speak for themselves.

Jason was also very upfront about his fees and what to expect. There were zero surprises and expectations about costs or what possible outcomes of the case could be. Never once did we feel (or were) uninformed or unaware of what was happening in the case - every step of the process.

This will be the best money you ever spend if you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer - hands down. Don't gamble with you or your loved one's freedom or future!
Re: Jason English delivered r ... Jason S. English Law, PLLC replied on Thursday, June 17th 2021

Matt, Thanks for trusting us with your family's representation. We also appreciate the teamwork to get the great result. However, know that the relationship is not over because we are finished with the case. We hope to be able to be a trusted advisor and friend from now on, regardless of whether it's a matter that we can handle or not. We are about building long-lasting relationships. Without clients, we wouldn't be in business. At Jason S. English Law, PLLC, we care about you and we are proud of the work that we do on your behalf. 5 Star Reviews from Clients are the best indicator of the relationships we build. We try to do things differently, and we do truly care about the people we represent. As a Former Prosecutor, we love representing Good People facing Drunk Driving and Criminal Charges. Thanks so much for the wonderful review; please know that reviews like yours are truly the fuel that pushes us to continue to work hard for our clients. It is true motivation, and helps us stay focused on the goals and find a way to get there.

Gigi Spencer
Review source: Google Gigi Spencer Wednesday, April 28th 2021
Jason Represented my son in a very serious matter. He was referred to us by another exceptional attorney who did not handle this sort of case. From the beginning, Jason was strategic and proactive. He was thorough and diligent gathering and reviewing evidence and going beyond expectation to bring the best result for my son. Jason was able to obtain a rejection of charges on behalf of my son. My son was never even charged. This is the most outstanding outcome possible. We can't thank Jason enough for his diligent persistence. I would recommend him to anyone highly. He is an attorney of character who truly cares about his clients and know the in and outs of the legal system. He is a former prosecutor and has relationships and knowledge many other attorneys don't have. We are truly thankful to Jason
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