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Gold and Witham is a firm that focuses on DUI cases and DMV hearings. We are Located in Los Angeles, California. We have handled a variety of unique DUI cases and helped our community all through the years. Our team of attorneys has utilized the legal services of several experts who will help you in your case. We are partnering with expert consultants from different cases that retained on a case-by-case basis to evaluate the legal and scientific merit of each case represented by our firm.
Our law firm is dedicated to providing the utmost service because we understand what it takes to properly defend your situation. Our team will be on your side to guide and battle to the fullest extent the law allows. We will protect your rights.

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12100 Wilshire Blvd 8th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90025
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DUI Defense
DVM Hearings

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Lizz Hernandez
Review source: Google Lizz Hernandez Wednesday, December 22nd 2021
My entire 6 month experience with Mr. Gold was eye opening, educational and overall positive. My first dui and I was terrified and disappointed; however I was recommended to Mr. Gold by a friend and I'm glad he was the one to represent me throughout this. One thing I loved about Mr. Gold was his HONESTY. He laid everything on the table, from do's and dont's as well as what CAN happen and what he WILL make happen. Having Mr. Gold as my attorney throughout my case was worth every penny. My recommendation when working with Mr. Gold is stay dedicated, determined, consistent follow up/ update because he wants you to be dedicated. He doesn't want your money, HE WANTS CHANGE AND COMMITMENT!! Thank you Mr. Gold.
colton metzger
Review source: Google colton metzger Wednesday, December 22nd 2021
Complete patience and amazing communication. When I was first arrested for my DUI and while being in the military I thought everything was over. I was involved in a single car accident totaling my car with a BAC of 0.17. But then when I reached out to Jeff Gold he advised me of an option I could be eligible for which was military diversion. He informed me it would take a large amount of effort but his weekly calls to go over everything that had happened over the week helped greatly. He had me attending AA Meetings everyday, see a psychologist, and have people involved with my life write character letters. Through doing all of this I not only succeeded in obtaining military division but learned so much more about myself. Without Jeff Gold, and his 30 years of experience and courtroom knowledge, I believe I wouldn't have been granted military diversion or be the better man I have now slowly started to become.
Benjamin Seider
Review source: Google Benjamin Seider Monday, November 29th 2021
I went through probably the worst experiences in my life & through it all I knew I had the best legal counsel I could have. The amount of work and effort jeff & his team took too make sure I was in the best position possible for one of the worst positions that I could be in. He helped me take accountability right away and genuinely show my true character as too show the court this was more than just what was written on paper. If you are searching for a dui lawyer then look no further jeff and his team of associates is your move.
Tej Paudel
Review source: Google Tej Paudel Monday, November 29th 2021
If you can commit to complete assigned tasks, follow the strategies, and believe in end results, definitely go to "Gold& Witham Attorney at Law."we had very satisfied result… case dismissed in 6 months….
Megan Burnett
Review source: Google Megan Burnett Wednesday, November 17th 2021
Last year I made an inexcusable decision to drink and drive. I was arrested for my 2nd DUI in a very stern county. I immediately knew I had to get an attorney but who? How? Where do I start? Time was of the essence and I knew I couldn't physically meet anyone due to COVID. Feeling helpless and in despair, I found Mr. Gold. After reaching out, he called me back right away and spent almost an hour with me going over my case and and supplying me with exactly what I needed, honesty and reassurance.

Jeff tasked me with attending AA meetings, enrolling in the SCRAM monitoring program, and an evaluation from a great doctor. His weekly (and sometimes multiple times a week) check ins with me kept me in the know about my case and at ease that I was on the right track. I was in deep water having a high BAC in a very strict county and needless to say, I was absolutely terrified. Jeff held me accountable and the work paid off.

Not only did I get a favorable outcome that I am beyond grateful for, I'm proud to say I am still sober, working a program, and doing better than ever. It wasn't easy but it was worth it. Jeff is a lawyer who truly cares about your progress and growth as a person. I couldn't imagine having anyone else represent me and I am incredibly thankful for having Jeff Gold on my side through all this. Thank you for everything Jeff, truly.
Domo Vallejo
Review source: Google Domo Vallejo Thursday, November 11th 2021
Nigel Whitman is the best lawyer in Southern California. I was dealing with my 4th DUI and scared to know what was going to happen to me. With his words and wisdom, he told me to start doing things before my court date to show the court things I started. Having the military service on my side I was able to go to court in confidence and get no jail time and a great reference to take care of my drinking problem. Now I am sober and living the best life. Thank you Nigel. You are truly a blessing.
Jose Alvarado
Review source: Google Jose Alvarado Tuesday, November 9th 2021
Not sure how to start this but if you need someone to represent you or just not sure on how to take on a case on your own. I recommend you come to these guys. I was represented by Nigel Witham for my court case and it was such a breeze. I found Nigel while waiting in court and heard him represent someone and I knew I wanted him to represent me. This guy took his time to express who he was representing and was also willing to negotiate a better deal for his client( client not present too). Once I saw that I knew I wanted someone like that on my team. All the other attorneys seemed to just want to get in and out, I might be wrong but that's what I saw. I got Nigel's business card and was pleased to know that his prices were more than affordable but also willing to do a payment plan with me if needed. He took care of all my upcoming court days and worked me in getting the best possible deal, after a couple months I only had to be present 1 day and that was just to agree on the plea deal. Amazing don't try to handle it on your own it's time consuming and stressful to say the lease. Once you speak with Nigel I'm sure you'll Want him to represent you. Thank you guys I definitely couldn't of done it without you.
duhdup 87
Review source: Google duhdup 87 Monday, October 25th 2021
I couldn't possibly be more thankful for what Jeff did for my case AND me. I got so much more than a lawyer. His instruction and advice will help guide me through all trepidation from here on out . I messed up, big time. The consequences should be worse. What Jeff did kept me out of jail and will keep me out of trouble in the future. You may not always like what he has to say but it's only because you are not use to people being honest to your face. Better to hear it from Jeff and prep than the Judge when it's too late. His guidance is what me and so many others lack and need. Even when things seem hard, it is so reassuring to know that your navigator can see the shore through the fog. Thanks Jeff!
Dennis Alvarado
Review source: Google Dennis Alvarado Saturday, October 9th 2021
My experience with Gold attorney was great beyond measure. I had gotten pulled over for a DUI March of 2021 and thought my professional and personal life was over as I blew a .21 and was facing jail time, license suspension, 10month DUI program etc. Jeff laid out what was to be expected of me, attend AA meetings and track them, get personal letters of reference as to my character. This is scary for anyone encouraging wrong a DUI but Jeff made sure to show the court as to my character and not just a person who got a DUI. It involved a lot of necessary work on my end, especially the AA meetings (4-5 a week at least) but it helped me realize I had a problem with drinking. Come my hearing 6months later, all the work paid off as Jeff was able to get DUI charge off for me, jail time off the table, $4,000 fine down to $900, 3month DUI program and more importantly, am 6plus months sober living a better life. Jeff did great job checking in every week until the hearing and handled all the court and DMV work while having me focus on my AA meetings. Beyond happy with the sentencing outcome! Thanks you for putting me through the necessary work, we'll worth it
Tait Alexander
Review source: Google Tait Alexander Monday, September 27th 2021
When I first had an accident under the influence, I panicked and hired Jeff and Gold And Witham. Over the phoe he sounded the most invested and his attitude was the kind I wanted in an attorney. He helped walk me through every step along the way, telling me exactly what I needed to do in order to have the best chance of softening the blow in court. I put in all the work that was asked of me and more. There were times I regretted paying him as much money as I did, but by the time we walked out of court I had no regrets, and it was clear to me I made the right decision. I walked away with nothing but a fee and 6 months of an interlock. No jail. No community service. Only 3 months of classes, which I've already completed. Sure it cost be quite a bit of money, but I have my liberty, and no DUI on my record. Absolutely worth the investment. I would recommend Jeff to anyone in need of help navigating the chaos and uncertainty of a DUI.
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It is very important to select the right attorney to represent you in court, because DUI charges aren't only serious, but they can be tremendously upsetting, humiliating and traumatic. Gold & Witham offers a free case evaluation for every individual residing in Los Angeles, California with DUI Defense cases. We have verified track records and earned our repute. Our proven merit will be your peace of mind. If you are looking for an attorney who will offer you the personalized defense and focused attention that you deserve, contact Gold & Witham today!