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I have been in business for 20 years as a family and matrimonial attorney. I have a speciality in ACS cases. Free phone consultations.

From the Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC website:
For over 10 years our law office has provided affordable legal services in the areas of Divorce (Uncontested or contested), Bankruptcy, Immigration, Civil Litigation and Family Law.

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42 West St Suite 2/36c, Brooklyn, NY 11222
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Services The Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC Offers

Family Attorney, Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC

  • Child Custody & Support
  • Child Custody Attorney
  • Child Custody Lawyer
  • Divorce Attorney
  • Divorce Lawyer
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Daryl Moore
Review source: Google Daryl Moore Friday, November 26th 2021
I hired Mr.Gilmer for an ACS case and a custody matter. I originally had my children removed from my home based upon a false report made by the children's mother. He fought very hard for me and got my children returned home. The mother then went after me for custody. He proved that the mother was lying about me and my parenting and got me custody. He returned all my calls and thoroughly answered all of my questions. I highly recommend the Gilmer Law Firm for your legal needs.
Arielle Guiteau
Review source: Google Arielle Guiteau Tuesday, November 23rd 2021
UPDATE #4: I'm changing my review back to one star, due to his recent unprofessional response to my previous reviews. He thought paying me off would bump him to 5 stars, I was only willing to give 3. And now your back at 1. Dont believe those other reviews, they are probably fake as they were all posted at the same time. I also notice he tried to get peoples reviews removed. To say I'm over exaggerating? Than why did
I have to resend my documents back to you 3 times for things to get fixed. If your Apologetic, than be apologetic. I can add photos of my emails not going through if you want and all of your spelling errors, and name mistakes.

UPDATE #3: I have received a refund and an apology that took full accountability. This shows some type of professionalism here. It seems like a lesson was learned. And I hope in the future he can be a lawyer who means well for the people.

UPDATE: so after sending many emails, voicemails, and leaving reviews. I finally received my judgment of divorce. Apparently my ex had filed because he got tired of this lawyer not doing much and I've been divorced since November 2020. So to sum it up I basically paid 1,000 dollars for Gilmer to just pick up the papers. Something I could of done myself but it was the least he can do after literally not doing anything. When I received it from him it was placed in a crummy envelope. Gilmer than asked me to delete my review, and if there's anything he can do for me to delete it. Overall I decided to leave it up and update it to what has happened recently. If you want something done fast just go somewhere else.

This company is a fraud! Avoid at all cost. A divorce with no children, cars, or houses together shouldn't take three years! It is very difficult to get in contact with him, he even blocked my email! When he finally got the papers together there was many spelling errors, than when he needs to correct it, you get no response. I don't think this guy is a lawyer. I paid in full the first day I met him, if you can't take the case than why take my money? Now I have to find a lawyer to sue him
Re: UPDATE #4: I'm changing m ... The Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC replied on Friday, October 22nd 2021

Thank you Ms. Guiteau for updating the situation. You have the right to be upset. I didn't get the job done. I wish I could get it done all of the time but in your case I didn't. I never blocked your email though, I don't know why you said this. Also I didn't make mistakes on "everything" this is an over statement, my divorces come from a computer program. Because of my illness in 2018 and 2019 I fell behind on my cases. I took a leave of absence in 2020. I am sorry I put you through stress, I just had a lot on my plate when you were my client and I didn't properly deal with it. I should have taken my leave sooner and refunded you your money sooner but I honestly thought I would get it done for you. I will strive to do better in the future and have learned from my mistakes. I appreciate your originally entrusting my firm for this divorce and I am sorry I let you down.

Remington Castillo
Review source: Google Remington Castillo Tuesday, November 16th 2021
Remington Castillo opted not to leave a text review of Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC
Prince Jordan
Review source: Google Prince Jordan Friday, November 12th 2021
My first encounter felt comfortable asap felt this was the attorney I wanted fighting for me ,came with the passion and the creativity!
Re: My first encounter felt c ... The Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC replied on Wednesday, November 3rd 2021

It was a pleasure representing you. Thank you for your kind words.

Mike Taylor
Review source: Google Mike Taylor Monday, November 8th 2021
I have used George Gilmer for many matters in various courts. I have found him to be responsive, practical and very effective (that's why I kept using him). He impressed me with both his knowledge of the law and his ability to identify the key facts to apply to the law, which enabled him to make the most compelling arguments possible. And, he did an excellent job articulating those arguments both in writing and orally, including in a case that went before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

I also have tremendous respect for him because he was very honest with me, he did not just tell me what I wanted to hear.

I am very please with his work and would recommend him without any hesitation or reservation.

Mike Taylor
Manju Chatterji
Review source: Google Manju Chatterji Saturday, October 30th 2021
Mr. Gilmer represented me in 2019. He was very helpful to prepare my case, going to the court with me & finally I got what I wanted. Most impressive part was that he was available any time I called. He would call me back if he Was busy when I called. He is a good listener, you need a person like that when you are in distress.
Re: Mr. Gilmer represented me ... The Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC replied on Wednesday, November 3rd 2021

Thank you so much for your kind words, it was a pleasure representing you.

Jon Mattei
Review source: Google Jon Mattei Friday, October 29th 2021
I needed a family court attorney with experience and came across Mr Gilmer through a Google search. I read through his reviews and found myself calling him shortly after. Its was important to me that he have experience as a litigator and needed to be experienced in Family Court proceedings. After speaking with Mr Gilmer for over an hour, I was convinced he was the lawyer I needed. Mr. Gilmer was fair with his pricing and responded well to my many questions. When he litigated in court, he was well spoken, aggressive and knew his way around the courtroom. He did not allow the apposition to control the tempo of the court proceedings and he conveyed my position with confidence and seemed very knowledgeable. Mr Gilmer also responded to my emails and phone calls in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Mr Gilmer for his legal services.
Re: I needed a family court a ... The Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC replied on Wednesday, November 3rd 2021

Thanks John for your kind words. It was my pleasure.

Angelo Oneill
Review source: Google Angelo Oneill Friday, October 29th 2021
I had the pleasure of meeting George unfortunately at one of my worse moments in time(Divorce) I have to say thank you again to George, not only for his professionalism but in the manner that he carried me through it. I will for ever be grateful for his compassion and most off all his knowledge and what I was able to go home with which was 50% custody of my daughter. Thank you George so much.
Re: I had the pleasure of mee ... The Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC replied on Wednesday, November 3rd 2021

Thank you for your kind words. It was a pleasure representing you.

Rena Pennix Alexander
Review source: Google Rena Pennix Alexander Wednesday, October 27th 2021
Rena Pennix Alexander opted not to leave a text review of Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC
Timothy Pitiger
Review source: Google Timothy Pitiger Wednesday, October 27th 2021
George is able to help in any capacity. He, for the most part, was available to answer questions I had during a troublesome time. I felt as though, he was in my corner always.
Re: George is able to help in ... The Gilmer Law Firm, PLLC replied on Wednesday, November 3rd 2021

I appreciate your kind words. Thank you

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