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Obtain the best Florida DUI defense around and call Matthew J. Olszewski at FL DUI Group after a DUI arrest in Orlando or Central Florida.

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There/u2019s no reason to plead guilty to DUI charges without first talking to a skilled Florida DUI defense attorney who may be able to achieve a better result.

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200 E Robinson St Suite 1140, Orlando, FL 32801
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Robert B
Review source: Google Robert B Friday, September 24th 2021
rich rita
Review source: Google rich rita Saturday, July 17th 2021
Matt is a fantastic attorney. He lets you what he can do and does exactly that to perfection. Matt and his DUI team are 5 star quality. He has satisfied myself as well as my son with his case. Matt is professional to the highest degree and very polite and hands down the best DUI attorney. I Would highly recommend him to anyone who needs his services.
Joey Laws
Review source: Google Joey Laws Monday, June 7th 2021
Matt has helped me out twice. He doesn't set unrealistic expectations and is truthful about what the best out come could be. He answered his phone and responded to my text late night and on the weekends, and ultimately guided me to make the right decisions about my case. Thanks again Matt!!! Also to note knowledgeable about everything. obviously law, but also insurance, medical, etc..
Kimberley Rappoccio
Review source: Google Kimberley Rappoccio Sunday, February 21st 2021
Awesome is all I can say!! Makes the price of an attorney worth it!! Mr Matt represented my boyfriend and before his 2nd court date ALL charges were dismissed!!
Robert Benson
Review source: Google Robert Benson Wednesday, January 6th 2021
Matt and his team got the job done. I cannot be happier! He got two DUIs, 1 refusing to blow, and 1 driving on a suspended license dropped totally, before the trial that Matt set, even occurred. Although Matt was already prepared and scheduled to take it to trial. I cannot be more grateful! If the State's Attorney didn't respect Matt enough from his prior accomplishments they would have never agreed to drop charges. Respect for Matt got me freedom and my license back! Highly recommended! Even after my cases closed he accepted my calls and answered my questions.
Neil Pena
Review source: Google Neil Pena Tuesday, January 5th 2021
Terrible when I got my dui every lawyer was charging me about 1500 max to go into the pre trail diversion He charged me 3000

He said that he could fight for it and that's why I didn't mind the price. He took 6 months without letting me know any updates, not sending messages back etc.

At the end he said it's safe not to fight it but to go to the diversion program which was fine for me but I couldn't drive for those 6 months not even get a business permit because he said he was fighting it
6 months!!

Turns out I did all the pre trail and everything was good but for 3000 he ripped me off
He kept no communication even though I asked him to

Mike olszewski is terrible and honestly a thief in this situation

If you like updates about your case like I did then he may not be your guy
David Terry
Review source: Google David Terry Thursday, November 5th 2020
Matt and his team were amazing! Incredibly professionak and responsive. Took care of everything beginning to end. Resolved my tickets even bettwr than I could have hoped for! I can't possibly say enough good things about their service! I would recommend to anyone needing a traffic attorney!
christina marks
Review source: Google christina marks Thursday, October 8th 2020
I personally have used FL DUI group. I also referee a lot of people who they have also help in various situations. If your need a good lawyer. Call them.
schnaider servius
Review source: Google schnaider servius Sunday, October 4th 2020
The best DUI Attorney in central Florida.
Shailyne Anderson
Review source: Google Shailyne Anderson Thursday, September 24th 2020
I received a ticket for speeding but it was in an area that did not have a visible speed limit sign and it was for only 9 mph over. I have never had any traffic violations or tickets so this could have easily been a warning. I contacted a good friend of mine that helped me get in touch with Matt Olszewski and was able to get my ticket dismissed with no problem! I am very thankful to not have this on my record. I work in auto insurance so I know how that can cause your rate to increase so having this off my record and dismissed was a blessing. Thank you Matt Olszewski for helping me out specially during this time where every penny needs to be counted for! I will recommend the FL DUI Group to any of my customers & friends that are in need of help!!
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Offering skilled legal representation for Florida DUI cases around Orlando or central Florida.