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Our employment lawyers in Tampa are experienced, seasoned and skilled litigators. Call us to find out if you have a case. We get justice for workers.

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6940 W Linebaugh Ave #101, Tampa, FL 33625
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Labor and Employment Attorneys, Feldman Legal Group

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Ali Ashwood
Review source: Google Ali Ashwood Saturday, September 4th 2021
Great people
Re: Great people ... Feldman Legal Group replied on Tuesday, September 14th 2021

Hi Ali, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a positive review, we appreciate it.

Review source: Google DOMINIC BAILEY Saturday, August 7th 2021
Didn't really answer my question or help me.
Re: Didn't really answer my q ... Feldman Legal Group replied on Saturday, August 7th 2021

Mr. Bailey. I see that you are located in Phoenix Arizona. There is a Feldman Law Firm and other Feldman attorneys in that area and I suspect you are confused or mistook us/me for that firm or attorney. I'm in Tampa, primarily. We would request greatly appreciate if you can thus remove this review. We looked, and You are not a client of this firm nor did I provide you any consultation, and your review is false, defamatory and malicious. I have checked my records and I have never met with you. The firm receives about 100 calls and emails seeking legal advice and help with legal matters. While my staff strives to do everything it can to listen to all and at least communicate back, we cannot set up and meet with everyone who calls or emails. I have checked our records and there's no record of you either filling out an intake form and any consultation occurring. We have no record of you requesting any legal representation, nor any record of you submitting any facts or information. This office is a law firm, a business, and not a free legal aide department. We also make decisions on who we can potentially take on as a client and who we do take on as clients based upon investigation and a person having an actual and viable claim that is a matter that we would typically handle. As there is no record of you speaking with me ever, or my staff showing you completed in intake form, I request you withdraw this review. If you asked someone a question, our firm does not like any other law firm simply give out free advice or advice to every person who just calls the office. We have no record of your legal matter or potential claim and as such this review is false, malicious and defamatory.

Shawn Poliner
Review source: Google Shawn Poliner Tuesday, March 9th 2021
I would like to share my testimonal on how Mr. Feldman's lawfirm fought for my wage rights, believed in me they listened to what I had to say and not talked over me like I was thier only client and top priority when in fact they many clients or classaction cases.

When other lawfirms didn't want to take my case due to not benefiting them greatly which mean they were only concern for themselves and not my damages or thier client or that the prior firms were not qualified or compliment to take my case

If this testimonial is long to read I apologize.
Yes, it is long, but it needs to be in order to understand how IIam truly grateful, passionate and apprecitive on how Mr Feldman lawfirm represent me, which may help the next person who doesn't know were to go for help or what to do? And make that decision like I did!
They took the time for me and now it's my turn to take my time to help them

I did alot of research before contacting Mr. Feldman lawfirm to represent me on my past employer greviences that I documented over time.
What made me to chose Mr Feldman firm was his stellar avvo and other lawyer based review sites ratings.
I even went to his YouTube video, his passion and words made me know I made the right decision to ask him represent my interest.

Mr Feldman law firm sought justice for my rights and was able to obtain a very good result, from a employer who took money from me that I rightfully was owed and that I documented this as well as my employer prevented me from getting benefits owed to me by law and that Mr Feldman and Mr, Quintus had to fight for and demonstrated excellent legal skills, to do so, to make me whole and that knowledge of the law was top notch, and was not afraid to take on the big company and litigate. They spent hours making sure I was paid all that I was owed and benefits as well through careful caculations of spreadsheets.

Their dedication goes beyond business but personal as well referring to that they even helped me part of the day when they had prior engagements that day with thier family. One had a son's birthday party to and the other a wedding anniversary to go to soon there after the meeting. This goes above and beyond client dedication to thier clients or victims they represent.
Other attorneys would of canceled or postpone an important meeting that day. I could go on for hours all that Mr. Feldman law firm did to fight for me personally. They informed me of any updated information they received or any information I need to get to help me if opposing counsel contested my grievances.
Mr Feldman and his staff were always courteous and professional even under the most stressful times in my opinion, which may not been as stressful for them as they are the professionals as if it would of been myself?

"Was the lawyer caring and empathetic?"
Is a topic that some lawyer reviews sites ask clients when posting reviews, well if being late to a wedding anniversary or a son's birthday party isn't then I don't know what is caring and empathetic?
They gather witness I didn't know through diligent research and investigation to help my case more so then I original expected, Mr. Feldman put up his own money for filing fees as I didn't have enough at the time being layoff and a global pandemic all at the same time. And my own personal business suffered and having to find other full-time employment. I strongly urge anyone with any legal issue that Mr. Feldman specializes in, to contact and have them represent you on your situation whatever it maybe whether small or large doesn't matter they will fight hard for you doesn't matter if you work for a large or small business or a large corporation?

Thier words and context of thier verbage is powerful and gets the results for sure! I am truly grateful for all thier help and dedication to my personal case. I hope this helps the next client who is unsure what to do and where to go like I was.

Again thank you Mr Feldman, Mr Quintus plus all staff related.


Review source: Google STEVE F Tuesday, March 9th 2021
Mr. Feldman provided a prompt professional response. I did not need to wait 3-4 days for an original and subsequent callbacks. He was always professional and knowledgeable in his area of expertise. His services were reasonable and he handle the matter expeditiously. I have recommended him to close friends, family members, and former co-workers.
David Gillard
Review source: Google David Gillard Monday, March 8th 2021
David Gillard opted not to leave a text review of Feldman Legal Group
Donneil Belmer
Review source: Google Donneil Belmer Monday, March 8th 2021
Mr. Feldman recently helped me settle a claim against my former employer Mr. Feldman was straight forward honest and very open with his communication I highly recommend Mitch Feldman as your employment attorney
Re: Mr. Feldman recently help ... Feldman Legal Group replied on Wednesday, February 3rd 2021

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, we appreciate it.

christie tarsa
Review source: Google christie tarsa Monday, March 8th 2021
Mitchell Feldman and his team gets results! We had a class action suit with several hundred people. Mr. Feldman took quick action gathering information from across the United States personally speaking to the people who were involved. After gathering the needed information he acted quickly bringing the lawsuit to fruition. We won the lawsuit against a big corporation who abused the little guy. Mitchell Feldman is the man for the people. Not only did Mitchell get us results, he changed the big corporation policies to help present and future employees not to get taken advantage of. Mitchell Feldman and his team are today's game changers. They are not afraid to go the extra mile to help the little guy.
Dwayne Greene
Review source: Google Dwayne Greene Monday, March 8th 2021
Dwayne Greene opted not to leave a text review of Feldman Legal Group
Robert Follett
Review source: Google Robert Follett Wednesday, February 24th 2021
Ben Williams handled my issues quickly with small results. I feel a little uncomfortable now that I learned Ben William worked at the opposing law firm prior to taking my case. Thank you Mr. Feldman
Re: Ben Williams handled my i ... Feldman Legal Group replied on Wednesday, February 3rd 2021

Thank you for your 5 star review Robert, we appreciate it.

Ray Chaps
Review source: Google Ray Chaps Sunday, January 19th 2020
Ray Chaps opted not to leave a text review of Feldman Legal Group
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Attorney represents employees in wrongful termination, overtime claims and contract disputes in the state of Florida.