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Coley J. Grostyan, Attorney at Law

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About Coley J. Grostyan, Attorney at Law

Coley Grostyan is a Minnesota criminal defense attorney representing clients charged with serious felonies, drug offenses, driving while intoxicated (DUI/DWI), assault, and other criminal charges.

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150 S 5th St Suite 320, Minneapolis, MN 55402
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Services Coley J. Grostyan, Attorney at Law Offers

DWI Defense, DUI Defense, Drug Defense, Controlled Substance Defense, Theft Defense, Assault Defense, Serious Felony Defense.

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Zhizeej Siuane
Review source: Google Zhizeej Siuane Thursday, August 20th 2020
Mr. Grostyan is very professional and handled my suit very well. I won my case because Coley knows his stuff. He picked up my first call while out of town and gave me great advice, which was the reason why I decided to hire him after shopping around for legal counsel. Throughout my issue Mr. Grostyan remained professional and knew that I was right and to reiterate, my victorious outcome. I recommend Coley Grostyan to anyone who is in need of a defense attorney for any and all situation.
Alexandra Dallas
Review source: Google Alexandra Dallas Wednesday, July 1st 2020
Coley has been extremely prompt with responses, very efficient and knowledgeable. After meeting with a few other lawyers, I met with Coley and knew he was the right fit and he definitely proved that as well. He genuinely cared about me as a person and made me feel comfortable, as well as how well he tackled my case and allowed me to get the best possible outcome. Thanks so much Coley!
Brent Mueller
Review source: Google Brent Mueller Wednesday, December 18th 2019
Theres not much to say that hasn't already been said - Coley is the type of guy you want on your side. He knows the system, knows the people, and has the confidence and experience to get things done. Couldn't have asked for better representation.
Joel B
Review source: Google Joel B Wednesday, December 11th 2019
Coley truly is one of a kind. He knows the system in and out and is incredibly easy and enjoyable to talk to. Not only did he promptly return my calls/emails/texts while the case was active, he continues to do so several years after the the case was closed.

He is the exact type of person you want on your side, for whatever you might be going through. He always knew every other lawyer in the room, he knew the judges, and he knew exactly their arguments would be and how to best respond. To say he was always prepared would be a huge understatement.

With him, there are no smoke and mirrors, he'll give you the what, the why, and the how in every situation and will take as much time as needed to ensure you fully understand the process. I am fully confident that he struck the absolute best deal possible in my situation. It is abundantly clear that he takes pride in what he does, your victories are his victories and he makes your problems his problems.
Review source: Google Matt Friday, March 8th 2019
Dedicated professional....Coley, understands the laws and how they work. Answer phone calls Always there to help .. If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney for your gun rights this is man, Thanks again matt
Hannah Palmgren
Review source: Google Hannah Palmgren Thursday, March 8th 2018
Coley is an amazing attorney and an amazing guy. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him!! He walked me through a very tough situation and fought with me till end. He returns phone calls immediately, he explains every situation and decisions when I had no idea what I was doing. He knows what he is doing and is very amazing at what he does. He will not give up on you. You will never feel judged or scared with him. He is straight up with you. And he is such a hard worker!!! You will be very satisfied with Coley and his hard work.
Travis Cullen
Review source: Google Travis Cullen Saturday, May 13th 2017
Always answered my phone calls did a great job for me really appreciated it
Jacob Hark
Review source: Google Jacob Hark Sunday, May 7th 2017
Great lawyer. They do amazing work. Calls it like it is.
FR radz
Review source: Google FR radz Saturday, April 1st 2017
Coley met with us about our concerns late evening on a weekend. Came and opened his office and listened to our problems. He is a very courteous, professional and knowledgeable. Very positive and able to understand your issue and provide a solution that he can provide.
Jack Anthony
Review source: Google Jack Anthony Tuesday, March 14th 2017
I hired coley to represent me in the biggest fight of my life. My second ammendment rights were being threatened by an overzealous antigun prosecution. Coley was able to negotiate a very good deal for me. I was able to keep my firearms rights and avoid felony charges due to his impressive legal tactics and willingness to fight. His passion for the law and his clients is evident. When i needed him at 330am he answered and when he couldn't i was called back in a timely fashion. I have trusted him with my life and i would do it again. His knowledge of the law and the nuances of the local courts are second to none. I absolutely recommend Coley Grostyan for all of your legal needs.
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