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Clarkston Legal is a full-service law firm offering excellent service for a reasonable fee. We serve clients with divorce and family law matters, criminal defense, and probate and estate planning issues.

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Waterford & Clarkston divorce lawyers Clarkston Legal help with Oakland County family law, divorce, child custody, criminal defense, estate planning & probate.

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6480 Citation Dr, Clarkston, MI 48346
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Mark Seiler
Review source: Google Mark Seiler Friday, December 10th 2021
Tim Flynn
Best Attorney Ever!
I could not be happier with my attorney selection. Tim was recommended by a local retired judge and I can see why. Not only is he experienced, knowledgeable and professional, he has integrity, he listens, and he genuinely cared about me and my situation. You can't fake that. Tim did an incredible job.

Background on the case:
Before I met Tim I worked with two other attorneys. Both took full advantage of the fact that my x-wife had no intention of settling anything in this divorce. Her goal was to keep this going until the day I died just to torture me. Think about it… seven years of continuous litigation. Nothing could ever be resolved. We were officially divorced after one year, but spent the next six years in a constant state of litigation. The attorneys, mediators, and arbitrators all saw dollar signs $$$. I felt like I was in the dark, swimming in shark infested waters, while bleeding (money) profusely. This feeding frenzy went on for years and totaled over $100,000. Nothing was fair, nothing made sense, nothing was reasonable, very little was resolved. I learned that this is all too typical with unscrupulous attorneys when there is money to be had, particularly when one party doesn't want to settle. The future looked miserable. That's when I met Tim.

I hired Tim specifically to end my unfair spousal support obligation, but he quickly saw the predicament I was in with the never ending court proceedings and wanted to help. In the shortest time the court system would allow and given the fact that my x-wife would never agree to anything, Tim not only ended my spousal support payments, but also ended all other claims my x-wife had planned for me in the future. In that moment, the sun came out, the bleeding stopped, the sharks disappeared and my life began again. I can never thank Tim enough, or recommend him enough for what he did for me. He's not like the rest. He's the unicorn of attorneys.
Great service; Fantastic value; Amazing person; Best Attorney Ever!

Mark S.
Re: Tim Flynn Best Attorney E ... Clarkston Legal replied on Friday, December 10th 2021

Mark, thank you for the kind words. Yes, your case was in a difficult spot when we took over. Your perseverance paid-off; you wisely reached a reasonable settlement by bargaining from a position of strength. From our perspective, it was great working with you; a professional in your own right. Thank you for being our client.

Jason Kyle
Review source: Google Jason Kyle Tuesday, December 7th 2021
I hired him back in 2011, after getting retainer he would not return the phone calls for days. The matter was pretty simple, parenting rights related. One day when I personally went to his office to meet him, there was another lady sitting in the waiting area yelling at the front desk since he did the same thing to her as well. God knows how many of his clients had to go through this type of treatment. I ended up changing my attorney right away.
Re: I hired him back in 2011, ... Clarkston Legal replied on Sunday, December 12th 2021

We never had a client by this name. You have to ask yourself, why would a real client wait 10-years to post a negative review? This review is fake.

Miranda Crunk
Review source: Google Miranda Crunk Monday, October 18th 2021
Miranda Crunk opted not to leave a text review of Clarkston Legal
Mark Devita
Review source: Google Mark Devita Friday, October 15th 2021
Tim and Frank took care of things after we sat down to discuss my concerns
Re: Tim and Frank took care o ... Clarkston Legal replied on Friday, October 15th 2021

Sounds good Mark; looking forward to working with you.

Rita Suleyman
Review source: Google Rita Suleyman Thursday, October 7th 2021
Rita Suleyman opted not to leave a text review of Clarkston Legal
Frank Briguglio
Review source: Google Frank Briguglio Thursday, October 7th 2021
Frank Briguglio opted not to leave a text review of Clarkston Legal
Dan Powell
Review source: Google Dan Powell Saturday, September 11th 2021
A good team on your side
Re: A good team on your side ... Clarkston Legal replied on Friday, October 15th 2021

Dan, thanks so much for the review; we appreciate your vote of confidence and enjoyed having you as a client.

Jalisa Blue
Review source: Google Jalisa Blue Monday, August 16th 2021
Jalisa Blue opted not to leave a text review of Clarkston Legal
jen valdez
Review source: Google jen valdez Tuesday, June 8th 2021
I went to Clarkston Legal after I had filed in pro per to terminate my son and his wife's parental rights so we could adopt our grandchildren. When we started down this path I thought it was cut and dry. We were treated horribly by the system and left scrambling once we realized we were going to need an attorney despite the fact that we met all of the right criteria for our goal. After getting a referral to Mr. Flynn, he stepped into action immediately and made us feel that we and our kids were a major priority.

The law should have been on our side. Instead, there was a war with the state who hired cut throat attorneys to protect my son and his wife's rights, even though they had not seen the children in 4 years, never paid a dime of support, and never even showed up in court asking for the kids.

Thank God that Tim fought hard for us against a system that is stacked against grandparents who are just trying to do the right thing. He kept us informed throughout the process. He knew the law, he never let up. I could not be more grateful for the result, or for the support we received during this intensely difficult process.

Don't hesitate to trust your custody issues to Tim. He has a huge heart and cares about the outcome. He cares about right and wrong. That cannot be said about very many attorneys.
Re: I went to Clarkston Legal ... Clarkston Legal replied on Thursday, June 10th 2021

Thank you for the kind words Jennifer. Yours was an intense battle; the lives of two young girls, your grandchildren, were at stake. We appreciate that you recognize that we did our part, but let me say that your role in this process is what cultivated a good result. You fought for those grandkids; you showed the court that they were in the best possible custodial environment. You let us handle the court-appointed lawyers, while you tirelessly provided love, affection, maintenance and support for those grandkids. We are so glad we could add value to this equation. it is truly a professional pleasure to represent clients like you and your Husband. Thank you for being our clients.

Victoria Vysotchanskii
Review source: Google Victoria Vysotchanskii Tuesday, April 27th 2021
The Clarkston Legal team are all rockstars! They were incredibly responsive and the entire process was thoroughly explained and made simple from start to finish. Thank you thank you!!
Re: The Clarkston Legal team ... Clarkston Legal replied on Wednesday, April 28th 2021

Thanks Victoria. We appreciate the kind words.

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At Clarkston Legal, we are a results-oriented law firm concentrating on providing you with excellent service and achieving outstanding outcomes that you'll be satisfied with. Call our office in Clarkston at 248-886-6600 for a free consultation, and find out what our Oakland County divorce, estate planning & criminal lawyers can do for you.