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Breakstone, White & Gluck, PC is a Boston personal injury and medical malpractice law firm representing people injured due to accidents and negligence throughout Massachusetts.

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2 Center Plz Suite 530, Boston, MA 02108
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Breakstone, White & Gluck provides legal services for victims of serious injury cases such as: traumatic brain injury, burn injury, spinal cord injury, loss of limb/amputation injury, scarring and disfigurement, loss of vision or hearing, nerve damage, fatal injury and wrongful death. In addition to these serious injuries, we also specialize in truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites & attacks, construction site accidents, premises liability claims, products liability claims, birth injuries, nursing home negligence & abuse and medical malpractice permanent injuries.

  • Car Accident Attorney
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Truck Accident Lawyer
  • Wrongful Death Attorney
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Steve S
Review source: Google Steve S Friday, January 12th 2018
Reza Breakstone and his firm are wonderful.
Always there to answer any questions, and help out in anyway they can. If your looking for a great lawyer, who will fight for you all the way, look no further.Thank you Reza for a great outcome.
Neil Burns
Review source: Google Neil Burns Tuesday, November 21st 2017
I have worked with Marc Breakstone and David White on many cases since 1990. They are excellent litigators, with great attention to detail and among the most effective lawyers in Massachusetts.
Carol Blackwood
Review source: Google Carol Blackwood Thursday, November 9th 2017
Marc Breakstone got the job done for my husband after he almost died on the operating table due to a medical error. Our dear friend, a respected Boston lawyer, told us that Marc was the best in the business.

From the beginning of the case, Marc clearly explained every step of the process, making clear what his role and our roles would be. He told me repeatedly to focus on my husband's recovery and the corrective surgery that would be needed. Because of the medical mistake, my husband's kidney transplant was canceled.

Knowing that Marc was on the case allowed my husband and me to focus on his future surgery and his recovery. My husband was able to get his new kidney and to our surprise and amazement, Marc got the case settled for an amount that we considered quite fair.

Marc and his staff were professional and responsive throughout this process. At the end of the case, there were difficult problems with Medicare and hospital reimbursements. For seven months, Marc worked to correct the hospital's billing error that resulted in a six-figure mistake. He even went so far as to prepare for a class action lawsuit against the hospital to bring them to their senses.

Marc is a compassionate professional and a tenacious advocate. We give him the highest recommendation and will forever appreciate his hard work and dedication to our case.
Review source: Google Michael Wednesday, November 1st 2017
I highly recommend the services of attorney Ronald Gluck, who recently represented me in a personal injury case. Look no further, as he is outstanding and clearly one of the best in his field based on my experience. He has a calm, even style that is professional yet personable at the same time.

My world changed in an instant three years ago with a fall and day to day life for me became daunting at best. What got me through it all was knowing that Ron was on my side and was fighting for me. He lifted the stress and anxiety I had about legal matters and treatment away and that allowed me to focus on my recovery which in itself had become a full time job.

I especially appreciated all he did with the legal details, keeping me informed, addressing my many concerns and his responsiveness throughout the process then and now. He secured a settlement that was more than double what I thought it might have been.

Above and beyond all the while...a rockstar!
Santiago G
Review source: Google Santiago G Thursday, August 17th 2017
I was badly injured as a pedestrian victim of a hit-and-run while crossing in a crosswalk. My partner’s stepmother was walking alongside of me, and was also seriously injured. I didn’t know what to do in the aftermath, no one had caught the license plate number of the perpetrator’s vehicle, and the police had no leads to follow. I was out of work, and my career path up until that point relied on my physical capabilities that were suddenly and drastically impaired. I was recommended to Breakstone, White & Gluck by a close family friend who had studied law and who I knew I could trust. I made the trip on my crutches and dropped in their office in the afternoon of the first business day after New Year’s Day. Ronald Gluck and his paralegal Nancy DiCesare stopped what they were doing to talk to me and see if something could be done. I was immediately impressed that they were willing to talk to me right away! Mr. Gluck informed me that even though I wasn’t driving, my auto insurance policy could still offer coverage in this situation. He listened carefully, took detailed notes, was compassionate, and after talking with him during that first meeting, I knew that I had found the right attorney.

I continued to be impressed by Mr. Gluck’s professionalism and knowledge of the processes involved in handling my claim. I didn’t know how to deal with the medical bills that were piling up from visits with orthopedic specialists, MRI’s, and frequent visits with physical therapists. Mr. Gluck and his team got on top of it all, making sure my bills were covered by my insurers, and allowing me focus on my recovery process.

Mr. Gluck never settled for anything less than the most possible for me in my predicament, and gathered all necessary information and documentation to back up our demands to my insurance company. His work was thorough to the point that the insurance company was in no position to withhold any portion of the amount I had in my policy’s coverage. He saw the entire process through to the end including making sure no lagging bills came up months later due to delays in the submission of paperwork.

I am truly grateful for the excellent work done on my behalf by Ronald Gluck and his team, and highly recommend him and his firm to anyone looking for an attorney specializing in personal injury law in the Greater Boston area.
Tara Carty Panzarino
Review source: Google Tara Carty Panzarino Monday, July 17th 2017
Marc Breakstone is somebody I will remember for the rest of my life, and who my daughter will hear about as she grows up and I remind her over and over again about how she was an amazing fighter. A little over a year ago, I was in a very serious taxi accident as a passenger- and almost 5 months pregnant. I was petrified for the health of my baby. I was completely overwhelmed with having to undergo a spinal fusion because my back was broken over several L sections. And I also had an 11 month old at home. We had literally just bought a house 5 months before, and that accident caused me to just break. I never knew what depression could be like, and I never felt so useless and just isolated in physical pain and emotional anxiety. I knew I needed to find a lawyer ASAP because the incredible financial burden I immediately saw in our forecast scared me so much. And insurance contracts/ lingo/ etc was just so foreign to me; I didn't want this ignorance to mess up my family's future. I found 4 lawyers total that I read reviews on from the internet OR was recommended by family friends. I found Marc on some Google search- and that made me a tad nervous because I am a little more "old school" than that. However, I called his office and after speaking to him directly ( which was literally about 5 min after I called, he returned my message )....I instantly felt at ease with him. There is something about his personality that is very direct, yet patient with explaining options/ the law/ advice. Marc was also willing to talk to my husband and a family friend who has legal background from another state trying to help me. So, I conservatively met with him and 3 other lawyers in person, and Marc was the only one I felt was both "down to earth" and at the same time extremely aggressive/passionate when it came to ensuring that my claim was heard properly by the parties concerned. We chose Marc to represent me, and I am SO HAPPY we did. My husband felt that Marc would be a "lion in the ring " for us. And he really was. Talk to him for just 5 minutes, and you know some insurance auditor is not going to get off the phone without Marc getting his point across. He has a natural control when he speaks. I was pretty diligent when choosing him- I also found videos of him on internet to see how he presented himself in front of an audience, and my family who watched thought he was very relatable/ likeable lawyer to trust in front of a jury if our case ever had to go that far. Another thing- you can google his prior cases outside of his own website. I read cases that he was involved in and there was one in particular that made me realize he was the one who was going to represent me a as a mother. Do your research, and you will see this guy is EXCELLENT. Also, I want to add that I live in NYC...I was hit in MA during a weekend away. So I was nervous having the distance away from someone who is representing me. If by chance that is you- dont worry about it. Marc is literally so accessible. SO: A very hormonal pregnant woman, with a baby at home, was hit by a taxi and had to undergo a 7 hour spinal fusion surgery, learn how to walk again, and deal with the pain of the accident/surgery thoughout her pregnancy while accepting the fact she could no longer lift her one year old at home, bathe him, clean up after him etc., ** I am writing this review about one year from the accident and post settlement. I am still so incredibly emotional about that night and everything that happened....But I am still a bit proud that during this complete disaster and at times, what I honestly thought was depression and a breakdown mentally, I was still able to see that Marc would fight for me. And he did. And he will for you. While my doctors really provided such wonderful physical care...Marc was really there as a rock- I put all my anxiety on his shoulders and he delivered back a secure future. He will forever be part of our family story now. I still feel a calm when I think of him.
James Corsiglia
Review source: Google James Corsiglia Friday, July 14th 2017
The competence and guidance provided by David White was exceptional in documenting and processing the Personal Injury Claim for a cycling accident. The response to questions and concerns was always considerate and thorough and it was abundantly clear that the guidance was based upon extensive knowledge of legal precedent for cycling related incidents. The claims process is a real paradox with a confusing array of procedures and David's explanations were concise and complete.
Throughout the process he exhibited an extraordinary knowledge of the current law and precedent for insurance claims. The ultimate settlement of the injury claim was skillfully thought out and negotiated with all of the underwriters and health care facilities that were involved. This was exceptional service from a professional who was always respectful and endlessly helpful. I am immensely grateful for all of his work on my behalf.
Review source: Google Z L Sunday, June 25th 2017
Ron Gluck and his team(Nancy and Reza) help me and my mom get the best result for my dad's case. My dad was struck by a SUV at night when he was across the road and died a few hours later in the hospital. It was a tough case because the police report says the driver was not at fault and claims the rain was a main factor. Ron convinced the insurance company that the driver should have seen your dad since my dad was more than half way across the road. And made the insurance company pay the maximum payout the driver had without going through trial. Ron's team showed great sympathy through the whole case.
leandro ferreira
Review source: Google leandro ferreira Friday, June 16th 2017
Marc Breakstone rescued my wife’s injury case. After she fell down freshly painted stairs, we hired a lawyer who advertised in the local newspaper. That lawyer seriously mishandled the case for close to 3 years. Right before the statute of limitations deadline, he told us we had to accept an offer that was just slightly higher than the amount of her medical bills. A friend of mine suggested I give Marc Breakstone a call. Marc met with us and was reluctant to get involved because of how badly the other lawyer had handled the case. However, he took the case and told us that he felt an obligation to help out.

Marc immediately jumped into action and filed suit against the landlord. He aggressively pursued the case taking depositions of every witness including the police officer who responded to the 911 call. Unlike the first lawyer, March handle the case with the highest level of skill and professionalism. He also guided my wife and her medical care and treatment to ensure that she received the best possible outcome. He kept us informed of every important development in the case.

As a result of his superb work, the case was settled, prior to trial at mediation. We had the opportunity to see his impressive interactive digital presentation at the mediation. Everyone in the room was persuaded by the power of his presentation. Even the mediator commented several times how effective it was. The case settled for an amount many times greater than the first offer. We feel like we received the best possible representation.

Dealing with Marc’s staff, including Christine Roberts, his secretary and Reza Breakstone, his associate, was a pleasure from start to finish. This is truly one of the finest law firms I've had the pleasure to work with. We feel blessed that Marc took our case. He is a tenacious fighter does not accept the penny less than full and fair compensation. Thank you Mr. Breakstone.
Melissa Salzberg
Review source: Google Melissa Salzberg Wednesday, June 14th 2017
Marc Breakstone was amazing! I had a fall in 2015, and after hiring and firing one attorney, I found Marc. He listened to my situation, reviewed all of the records and reports, and agreed to be my attorney. It was the best move I could have made. My injury was multi-faceted, including a trimalleolar fracture, multiple surgeries, hardware, an infection and I developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome along the way. The insurance company wanted to make it go away and considered me to be simply a 50 year old woman with an ankle fracture, but Marc was having none of it! He fought for the significance of my injuries, and we settled with the insurance company with enough money for me to look for a one-story home, which is necessary because of my limitations. Marc's team was also incredible. Christine, Marc's assistant, was always available and supportive and kept me informed throughout the process. Thank you Chris! You were so good to me. Reza Breakstone, Marc's son, who is also an attorney at the firm, was key in reviewing and uncovering strong points for my case. I am grateful to the entire team, but especially Marc. As someone that has worked with dogs my entire life, he is indeed, my bulldog.
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More About Breakstone, White & Gluck

Breakstone, White & Gluck is a premier, award-winning Boston law firm specializing in personal injury cases. Our team of experienced attorneys has over 100 years of combined experience fighting for victims of negligence and wrongdoing. We provide personalized attention and worry-free representation that lets our clients focus on their health and recovery. We don’t buy billboards or advertise on TV—our verdicts, settlements, reviews, and reputation speak for themselves. We have consistently been honored as Top 100 Super Lawyers in Massachusetts and New England, Lawyer of the Year, Best Law Firms - Boston, BBB AV Rated, and more. Our team is dedicated to getting the best possible compensation for our clients’ injuries. We handle every aspect of the case, from filing suit to going to trial if necessary.