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An experienced Orlando divorce lawyer will keep you on track, moving forward toward a positive resolution of your legal concern, and a brighter future at the end of the tunnel.

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At the Arwani Law Firm our Orlando divorce lawyers work personally with our clients and tailor each case toward individual needs, contact us today.

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Orlando family and personal injury lawyer works towards moving forward toward a positive resolution of legal concern.

Arwani Law Firm Reviews
  • Vyky

    I've had the privilege of getting to know and working with Arwani Law on a professional and private level. To see them work behind the scenes and in the courtroom, I was impressed, but I could see their dedication to their clients and adhere to their ethics and morals.

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  • Seth kaplan
    Seth kaplan

    Great divorce???

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  • Michael Stein
    Michael Stein

    From the time I sought out advice, through retaining and after legal proceedings were completed, Rania and her team have been beyond amazing!! This is not just a law firm looking for a client, this is a firm of people who care about their clients, and outcomes. Thank you to everyone at the Arwani Law Firm for your professionalism, and care.

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  • Autumn Norton
    Autumn Norton

    No one wants to get divorced but, when I found myself headed down that road, I contacted Rania Arwani at Arwani Law Firm. In case the idea of divorce wasn't hard enough, what was supposed to be a very simple, quickie divorce turned up-side-down and became a 2 year battle that included my ex trying to take our son from me. Let's just say that I was it was a nightmare but, throughout the entire process, Rania and her associate Ariel, as well as their support staff, were absolutely AMAZING! Anyone would expect an attorney to be responsive and work diligently but this group took their job to the next level by calling to check on me, walking me through every single aspect of the case, explaining every strategy, reviewing and re-reviewing details to ensure that NOTHING was missed, examining the law from every angle, and keeping me in the loop all the way through. Every aspect of my case was built upon the statutes that affected it and, although there was plenty of emotion along the way, the team at Arwani Law Firm always came back to the statutes which is, ultimately, why we won.
    I am happy to report that, on the other side of all the drama, my ex-husband and I are able to co-parent effectively and cordially, partly because Rania and Ariel guided me in such a way throughout that time that allowed us both to come out with a little grace.
    Rania and Ariel have a passion for the law; a fact that is evident in every case they pick up. If you want a PARTNER in your legal journey, then Arwani Law Firm should be your top pick!

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  • Mike Cluck
    Mike Cluck

    I've had the privilege to get to know and work with Arwani Law on a professional and private level. To see them work behind the scenes and in courtroom, I was not only impressed but I was able to see their dedication to not only their clients but also adhere to their ethics and morals. These values were the reason I chose them to represent me on my personal and family issues. Their dedication and time to my case was first class and I trusted them every step of the way. With every case and results there are ups and down but I was informed, updated, and made sure I knew the risks with every decision made. I am very involved in the details and at points we both anticipated and asked questions that helped the outcome of my case. I was successful in what I had wanted and this resulted in more time with my family. I have been extremely happy by the outcome and know that if anything ever comes up again that I have the best attorney, law firm, and friend protecting me and my family. Every law firm isn't right with everyone but this law firm exceeded excellence and professionalism back by heart and courage and was the premier choice. So if you want the best, go see Rania and you will know why she is the best!

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  • Janice Jeune
    Janice Jeune

    I had contacted Rania and her team for a consultation after talking with several of their law offices. I immediately felt as I shared my story that I was being heard and that this team was the best to represent me in my case.
    Throughout the entire process, Rania and her team would respond immediately to my questions and concerns. They provided education and insight during the entire process so I felt confident in the decisions that were being made to best support myself and my children and our future.
    With the trust I have for Rania, I also felt confident in the additional team members she brought on for my case during the divorce process as experts in their field. She truly had my best interest as her priority. During the entire process Rania took the time to educate me and explain everything to me so I could make informed decisions for myself and my children. Going through this situation was extremely difficult for me and I am forever grateful to Rania and her team as my voice and advocates when I needed it most! Thank you!

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  • David D
    David D

    I recently had the misfortune of having to go through a divorce. A chess game where ever move you make can cost you more than just your sanity.
    I met with Rania who told me that i had a good case and she would like to fight for everything i deserved in the dissolution of my marriage. She informed me that a retainer would be taken and that it should cover up to the all important Mediation hearing. well... more than 6 months later before actually getting to mediation, that retainer is barely half of what it cost to get into mediation.
    They were very difficult to get any answers from. in some cases simple questions took over a week to get a response for. I Hired Rania and probably heard directly from her 3 times. I later found out why responses and actions where slow if taken at all. Rania has or had a medical situation that prohibited her from what i feel would have been proper and prompt actions. I was informed of this by my ex-wife and her lawyer after the actions were all done. in a chess game where Rania and her firm took little to no proactive action not only cost me all of my own attorney fees but also cost me in my estimation over 100,000 dollars of equity. Or maybe it was that she felt i did not deserve proper representation so going back to her original statement of fighting for what i deserved would hold true.
    I would never recommend this law firm to anyone that i actually liked.
    I don't believe they have anyone's, especially their own client's, best interests in mind.
    If this Law Firm were a dog, i think it would be that old toothless one that not even a child would be in fear of.
    i believe they could have easily made the mediation happen 2 or 3 months in, not wait more than 6 months for the opposing attorney. Oh and at the mediation.. that was a joke. there was 3 hour block set up.. where it ended up that just My attorney, my ex wife and her attorney spent 2 hours in a room alone without me. I imagine, figuring out how much more money they can cost me. when they came back. oh, no agreement will be made today.. Why?? I think it was because they attorneys FINALLY got together talking about things they should have gotten hashed out over the 6 months of not actually working on a resolution. Luckily i had other options to get a fair disposition.. You might not.. and if you don't then you will not want ineffective council on your side. Choose your attorney well.

    I find their response humorous, as the main point i am getting at is not cost, it's not even length of time.. it's "fight for a different course of action along with the possible financial ramifications" since from my point of view, they don't fight anything. except maybe for their own bill. If i would have seen one shred of "Fight" i could have lived with losing. but to allow the opposition to just do what every they fell like without countering is an automatic loss. That is the point i want people to understand.

    Re: I recently had the misfor ...
    Arwani Law Firm replied on Tuesday, June 30th 2020

    We are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the outcome of your case or the legal process. During the course of any legal proceeding, new issues may arise that were not anticipated at the initial consultation that extends both the timeline for proceedings and potentially the respective fees. At each step of the process, we present to our clients their legal options, whether it be to settle their case or fight for a different course of action along with the possible financial ramifications. The ultimate decision on what steps to be taken is always guided by our client's choice. Unfortunately, a client's expectations and goals are not always in line with what the law provides, no matter how willing the attorney may be to fight for those goals.

    Review source: Google
  • ayssel tanbari
    ayssel tanbari

    I while ago I found myself going through a very hard time in my life. On top of dealing with all the difficult emotions, I was very overwhelmed and confused with the legalities attached to my problem. I decided to look for a lawyer that could represent me and fight for my rights since I was not in a position where I could effectively do it myself. After researching many law firms in Orlando I decided to meet with Mrs. Rania Arwani from Arwani law firm. As soon as I stepped foot in the law firm, I was welcomed with open arms. Every worker at Arwani Law Firm was extremely kind and attentive. I then had the pleasure to meet with Mrs. Rania Arwani, an incredible human being and even better lawyer. When seeking out a lawyer most people are usually going through difficult life events. Therefore having a lawyer, like Mrs. Rania Arwani, that is compassionate, empathetic, and professional was key in making this whole experience easier. She really made sure to devote all her time and effort to make sure that she is providing every client and their loved ones with the best legal advice. She takes every case very seriously and fight for her client's right like they are her own. Her expertise, knowledge, kindness, and devotion helped me feel at ease and trust her to navigate me during this difficult and overwhelming time in my life. I am very happy I chose Mrs. Rania Arwani as my lawyer. I couldn't imagine what I would have done without her! Thank you so much Arwani Law Firm for everything!!!

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  • Stacey Mammone-Conte
    Stacey Mammone-Conte

    Rania and her team took amazing care of me during my divorce. They were super responsive, understanding, professional and enjoyable to work with. They helped me learn the process and expectations during a difficult time. I felt they genuinely cared to help me which I've heard is rare when talking to friends in similar situations. I would recommend them to anyone seeking an attorney!

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  • shahid yunus
    shahid yunus

    I was going through a rough phase in my married life. I was lucky to choose Arwani law firm for my divorce. They are very courteous and polite. Ariel and Gustavo have a highly professional attitude. All through the process they stayed on top of my case. Last and not the least , Attorney Rania is the politest person and a thorough professional. She made the whole process seem so easy. I was treated as family and not as one of the client.
    I Take this opportunity to thank the whole team at Arwani Law Firm.

    Review source: Google
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