If you are facing a drunk driving, DUI, DWI or drug driving charge, you need expert help fast. This curated directory lists recommended DWI and DUI attorneys  and you can browse by state to find experts in your local state law.
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What Does a DUI Attorney Do?

Your DUI defense attorney will handle every aspect of your case, starting with the initial arrest and ending with your court date. After receiving the initial phone call, your DWI attorney can give advice on how he believes you should interact with the police. This includes whether or not you should consent to a blood sample or other type of test. If you are arrested, your DUI defense attorney will be at your side during any police interrogation and will make sure your rights are preserved. After the initial arrest, your DWI lawyer will walk you through the entire court process and explain your options. Often, an experienced DWI attorney can work with the prosecutor or state's attorney to negotiate a favorable plea bargain that could help to eliminate jail time. Finding the best DUI lawyer possible will make this difficult process easier and help to eliminate anxiety and embarrassment following your DUI arrest.

Why Do I Need a DUI Attorney?

Many drivers believe they can negotiate the DUI process without hiring a DUI lawyer. In nearly every case, this is a mistake. Only a DWI attorney can offer advice and guidance on the best way to proceed with your case. Simply showing up in court without a DWI lawyer may lead to unnecessary fines, jail time, and limitations on driving. Laws vary from state to state and only an experienced DUI lawyer can explain the best way to proceed with a DUI in your particular jurisdiction. The best DUI lawyers will lead you through the DUI process and get you the best possible result.

Changes in the Law

States are cracking down on drunk drivers and laws are changing every year. Many states have now instituted mandatory jail time for drivers receiving their second DWI conviction. Some states have even instituted mandatory "shock" jail time for first-time offenders. A DUI attorney is familiar with these changes and can advise you on your possible options as well as the possible consequences of a DUI conviction.

What Questions Should I Ask My DUI Defense Attorney?

Before hiring your DWI lawyer, make sure to find out his level of experience in handling DWI cases. The best DUI lawyers will have a good working relationship with the local prosecutor or state's attorney and will be able to negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf. This can often result in a reduced fine or even no jail time. Also, ask your new DUI attorney for references to make sure his previous clients have been satisfied with his work.

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